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Beach theme wedding cakes are favorites for ocean side weddings.

Sea Shells Beach Themed Wedding Cake

sea shells beach themed wedding cakeThe cake itself is a mix of flavors...the bottom is an orange dream cake with vanilla filling...then the middle is a lemon cake..with lemon curd filling...the next layer is key lime cake with key lime filling the top is a lemon with lemon curd. The shells are made out of white chocolate using a mold from elegant lace.....the cake is buttercream icing matching the flavor of the layer it sits on.
Cake decorated by Gayle from Daytona Beach, FL

Beach Themed Wedding Cake

beach themed wedding cakeI baked a three-tiered white cake, iced and filled with vanilla buttercream icing. Each tier was torted into 4 layers. The base icing was ivory with white cornelli lace piped over it in a large design to mimic the coral. The seashells and the coral were made by melting white chocolate and coloring it with paste food colors. I hand painted the details into the shell molds before pouring the melted chocolate. After they were set, {about 5 minutes in the fridge},they were unmolded and dusted with "luster dust", a very fine sugar. The coral, I piped out of the corner of a zip-lock bag in a free-hand design onto waxed paper. {This had to be removed from the waxed paper with gloves to prevent it from melting due to my body temperature}. The starfish were made the same way as the seashells. The large clam shell on the top of the cake {Topper}, I made out of marshmallow fondant. Inside, I set double wedding rings in royal icing. {They were the only parts of the cake that were not edible}. I also made the sand dollars and pearls with the marshmallow fondant. I assembled the cake at the reception hall. All of the cake decorations were carried in a cooler. The topper was the only part that I had to make well in advance, {1 week} to allow for the fondant to dry enough to assemble the clam shell. I "glued" it together with royal icing and helped support the weight of the top part of the shell by placing small white chocolate seashells inside.
Cake decorated by Deborah Godfrey from Enterprise, CA

Seashells by the Sea Shore Cake

sea shells by the sea shore wedding cakeAlmond butter cake with butter cream icing and hand made chocolate shells and coral 12, 10 and 8 inch rounds

top of sea shell wedding cake

Cake decorated by Cyndi Bohn from Cape May, NJ

Seaside Wedding Cake

seaside wedding cakeThe cakes were mud cakes. I made the shells myself by first making the molds with sugar paste and pressing real shells into it before it went hard. I then pressed more sugar paste into the molds. It turned out quite good.
Cake decorated by Dawn Sillato from Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

Sand Castle Fantasy Wedding Cake

sand castle fantasy wedding cakeThe groom made a beach proposal and since they are a fun couple they decided to have a beach wedding with a sand castle wedding cake. This cake arranged in a traditional three tiers. The design is based on the strength of the groom and brides' love and inspired by the spanish fortress.It is made with a moist yellow cake filled with sweet fresh strawberries, strawberries preserved in rum, and whipped cream. The top tier (dome) is filled with a decadent coconut cream and roasted pecans. The cake is covered in a silky swiss buttercream and textured with graham crackers for a touch of crunch and sand-like finish. It is decorated with hand made gum paste and fondant sea creatures which includes: Corals, Shells, Sand dollars, Sea Stars, and Sea Grass.

side view of sand castle wedding cake

Cake decorated by Mirelys Calise from Orlando, Florida

Wedding at the Beach Cake

wedding at the beach cakeThis beach wedding cake is a 3 tier cake (14",10", 6") I made for a friend of mine that was getting married at the beach.

All tires had cream cheese filling and were frosted with chocolate buttercream.

The bottom tier was covered with chocolate fondant and the other 2 tiers with vanilla marshmallow fondant with the colors she picked.

All the star fishes, sea horses and shells were made of candy melts and colored by hand.

The coral was piped with royal icing.

The pearls on the board were made of fondant, one by one.

Cake decorated by Rachel Menezes from Fayetteville, NC

If you've decorated any beach theme wedding cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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