Beauty and the Beast Cakes

Beauty and the Beast Cakes

These Beauty and the Beast cakes feature Princess Belle and Mrs. Potts.

Princess Belle Cake

princess belle cakeThe picture was made using the frozen buttercream transfer technique and chocolate trim.
Chocolate cake covering with ButterCream and sprinkles.
Cake decorated by Dewi Permanik from Indonesia

Beauty and the Beast Cake

Beauty and the Beast CakeI actually bought the real Belle doll and had to take the legs off :/

Used Gold shimmer dust and painted on pattern.

Cake decorated by Erin McClees from Wisconsin

Mrs. Potts Cake

Mrs. Potts cakeMrs Potts, from Beauty and the Beast, is a wheat free gluten free dairy free egg free.... etc, a friend with multiple allergies had a belle party (even though she turned 32) dairy free buttercream icing and filling, dairy free krispy treat spout.
Cake decorated by Carly from Washington

If you've decorated any Beauty and the Beast cakes, please add them to our gallery.

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