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Ben 10 cakes are a boy's favorite. He's the star of a Cartoon Network show and video games available online on their website. Here are a few different variations of him and his infamous watch.

Ben 10 Watch Cake

Ben 10 watch cakeThis was easy to make, I made 2 mud cakes, one square and a small round one. Covered the first one with black plastic icing... I didn't even have a rolling pin to roll it so I used a glass. Then I covered the round one and placed it on top. I then used food colouring to make white plastic icing, green. I mixed some white with black to get the grey. The decorating is easy, just have the watch there and copy design. The icing is like playing with play doh. The kids loved it... However I would suggest getting black plastic or cardboard and make a watch band to go on the sides. I ran out of time to do this.
Decorated by Tracy from Melbourne, Australia

Ben 10 Cake

Ben 10 cakeI made that cake with 20 cupcakes and then decorated them with my homemade frosting. My son took it to kindergarten and shared it with all his friends. They were happy each of them had a cupcake.
Decorated by Sonja Simeon from Kissimmee, Florida

Ben 10 Cake Plus Alien Cupcakes

Ben 10 cake and alien cupcakesThe Ben 10 figure is made from chocolate sponge cake with a chocolate buttercream filling, this was covered in fondant icing or frosting which i coloured along the way to match Ben 10, final little touches using a small paint brush and licorice flavor colouring.

As the cake was being taken to school for all my sons friends to enjoy i decided in making 30 cupcakes or fairy cakes and made a head design of 2 of my sons favourite Ben 10 aliens ( Heatblast & Four arms ) the design was fondant icing again coloured to the alien head design

This is the first cake i have ever made and i must admit to see my sons face light up along with all his classmates was a treat !!!

I can say i am one proud DAD !

Decorated by Craig Brown from UK, England

Ben 10

I made that cake for my 4 year old he loves Ben 10 so much I couldn't say no so I had to do it. I am so happy that I am able to make whatever my kids want on their cakes and don't need to buy it in the

This is a sheet cake frosted with white buttercream icing. The picture of Ben 10 was done by piping stars into an outline that was transferred by outlining the image with piping gel.

Decorated by Sonja Simeon from Kissimmee, Florida

Buttercream Ben 10 Cake

buttercream Ben 10 cakeThis Ben 10 cake is close to my heart as I did it for my son who was looking forward to this. The base of this cake is chocolate and the pattern was a paper cut out done with various coloured butter cream icing. The challenge was to get the ben 10 green right and I had to experiment with almost five colours on my Wilton color palette, but I got it!
Decorated by Ruchi Mittal from Chennai

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