Black and White Wedding Cakes

black and white wedding cakes

Black and white wedding cakes are simple but elegant and work very well for brides with modern taste.

Black and White Anemone Flower Wedding Cake

black and white anemone cakeSmall 2 tier wedding cake. Each tier is quilted and dusted with peal dust. The flowers were super fun to make!
Cake decorated by Leah from Florida

Art Deco Wedding Cake

art deco wedding cakeI designed the cake around the brides invitations. She got some invitations that had the black and white art deco designs on it and her colors also included the red she had her wedding dress trimmed in. The cake was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting then covered in fondant. I made the leaves and all of the black designs with black fondant. The vines where rolled out and the leaves attached to it.
Decorated by Kristina Boroff from Emmett, MI

Black and White Wedding Cake

modern black and white wedding cakeThis is a modern design wedding cake, just 2 tiers, made using Chocolate Madeira cake. The madeira cake is then sliced through the middle, and filled with Strawberry Jam and Butter cream.
Coat the outside of the cake with buttercream and then fridge it for 15-30 minutes.
Cover in soft roll out icing (sugarpaste/rolled fondant).
The bottom cake is doweled, The dowels are cut level with the top of the icing, and then the smaller cake is on a thin cake card the same size as the cake itself. This is then stacked on top of the cake.
The cake is then left for 2 days to firm up.

Then put a narrow black ribbon around the cake, and use edible food pens to draw the swirled design on the side of the cake - the pattern is completely random! Which actually makes it a lot easier than trying to follow a pre determined pattern.

The ribbon loops are made using gum paste / mexican modelling paste, attached to a wire and left to dry on some foam, They are then put together with beads and butterflies and and placed into a flower holder (posy pic) and then pushed into the cake.

Decorated by Cake Links from Christchurch, Dorset, UK

Damask Cake

damask cakeThis cake is covered with homemade fondant and has gumpaste bows/ribbon.Chocolate decorators icing was dyed black to make the damask design.
Cake by Heather Arrowood from Asheville, NC

If you've decorated any black and white wedding cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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