Blue Wedding Cakes

blue wedding cakes

Here are featured blue wedding cakes from a cake covered in blue fondant to cakes decorated with blue decorations, all beautiful.

My Wedding Cake

blue wedding cake with rosesI made this cake for my wedding last July. I made it on dummies since the wedding was a good 600 miles from where I lived. (from Nashville to Florida). The tiers are all covered in fondant with fondant, gum paste, and buttercream details. The silver was painted over the white buttercream using a small paintbrush and silver airbrush color.

The top of the cake is covered in white gum paste roses. The bottom layer has these roses applied equidistant apart. The top tier also features fondant and gum paste drapes. The 2nd tier down from the top has cornelli lace done in royal icing. The next tier down is a harlequin diamond design. At the base of this tier is a gum paste bow. The next tier down from that is a scroll pattern.

putting roses on blue wedding cakePutting the final touches on my cake.
Cake decorated by Emily Easterly from Chicago, IL

Blue Crystal Wonder Cake

blue crystal wonder cakeThis blue crystal wonder cake is covered in plastic icing ( peti nice) and all the work on the side was done in royal icing with crystals added to give it a glamour effect. All the hundred and seventy two shades of blue roses was made from petal paste and some of the roses was made around crystals as to keep to the bride's wedding theme.

(Plastic icing is another name for fondant).

Cake decorated by Jennifer Gaillard from Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa

Dramatic Blue Wedding Cake

dramatic blue wedding cakeI made this dramatic blue wedding cake by doing flowers out of blue gumpaste and then piped the centers in with royal icing. The cake was covered in white fondant, and then the day of the wedding I placed the flowers on and did the striping with royal icing, too.

The cake is composed of three layers, each trimmed with royal blue sating ribbon at its base. The gum paste flowers at the top can be arranged this way by either placing a glob of icing beneath them or a ball of fondant and then attaching the flowers to it with royal icing.

Cake decorated by Madison from Washington

Wedding Dress Cake

wedding dress cakeI made 4 rounds two layers each, 3 for the top. I cut fondant strips and put them on each edge. I then made a fondant train. I made the lace work with brushed embroidery...buttercream icing and you use a paint brush and brush the icing inward....
Cake decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

If you've decorated any blue wedding cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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