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What bowler wouldn't love one of these bowling cakes for his or her birthday? Here are some great ideas that include bowling ball, bowling pins and bowling alleys.

Bowling Lane Cake

bowling lane cakeI filled and layered 2 - 12" x 18" cakes. Using the sharp end of a veggie peeler, I scooped out the "gutters". I iced the cake in buttercream and then covered it in brown chocolate-marshmallow fondant. I used a 1/2" dry chip brush (cheap paint brush with the wooden handle, looks like a baster-brush )with a small amount of brown icing tint to get my "faux wood grain". This was evenly achieved by brushing off the excess brown on a paper plate before applying it to the fondant in a quick, back and forth, sweeping motion. I added strips of dark brown MM Fondant over the "gutters", and used the ball end of my fondant tool to shape it into the scooped out cake.

The bowling ball and pins were made out of MM Fondant a couple of days earlier so they could dry and harden up. I painted the red stripes with red icing tint mixed with a little bit of vodka(so that it would dry). Before adding these to the cake, I inserted toothpicks into the bottoms so I could get them to look as if they're falling down from being hit by the ball.

Last I added the red fondant triangle guides.

The "Happy Birthday" sign was printed on card stock and attached to wooden skewers, which were pushed down into the cake.

Decorated by Amanda from Las Vegas, Nevada



Bowling Pin Cake

Bowling Pin Cake9x14 yellow cake with 1/2 round ball and bowling pins made of rice cereal covered in butter cream and fondant.
by wendy from Beverly, MA

Bowling Alley Cake

Bowling Alley CakeThis bowling alley cake is made with a half sheet cake pan. Chocolate and yellow cake. Chocolate frosting covered with fondant. Everything is edible except for the chair bases, they are lolly pop sticks needed for stability for the chairs. Bowling balls were made with white fondant and I took a toothpick with a color of my choosing and poked my white ball 3 time with the food coloring. I stretched and pulled until I got my desired marble effect. Then rolled it back into a ball and toothpicked finger holes in it. I airbrushed eached object according to the way the bowling alley we were attending for my Grandsons Birthday , looked. It was a huge hit and I recieved a lot of buisiness from the bowling alley after that.
by Mary Neiderlander
(Middletown Maryland

Birthday Bowling Theme Cake

birthday bowling theme cakeThe cakes are an 10'x 8' round cake.
Strips, diamond shapes and circles are done with fondant.
Bowling Pins and Bowling Balls made with fondant also.

Decorated by Omegas Cakes from Azle, TX

Bowling Fun Cake

bowling fun cakeMaking the "bowling lane" I used a 9x13 pan, I also baked 12 cupcakes, and 12 mini (with no liners) cupcakes. I did pre buy the doughnut holes.

Ice the bowling lane first with a crumb coat, and then a second smooth coat and chill. Ice all cupcakes in the usual fashion. (all with white frosting)

To assemble, first add a dollop extra of frosting on each larger cupcake. Then turn a mini cupcake upside down onto the larger one. Repeat for 10 bowling pins. Put a dollop of frosting on a doughnut hole and put that on top of the (bottom) mini cupcake. Chill for at least 15 min.,and then crumb coat entire bowling pin, chill again for 15 min.

Melt a good amount of frosting in a bowl in the microwave until fairly runny, on 15 sec. intervals. Get bowling pins out of fridge, and dip each one quickly into the melted frosting. (like dipping an ice cream cone) and chill again for another 15 min.

After pins are chilled, attach red string licorice for the lines on the bowling pins and then attach to cake with more frosting. Decorate the lane with tinted frosting with lines of the bowling alley.
Make 1 chocolate frosted "bowling ball" out of 1 cupcake, for the holes in the bowling ball use 3 mini hershey kisses point first.
You can also make a mock score board for the back of the cake.

Decorated by Carrie Sarnowski from New York

Bowling Alley Cake

bowling alley cakeThis is my first cake using fondant. First I made the bowling ball and the pins out of rice krispy treats, using just a standard rice krispy treat recipe. Then I frosted and covered them in fondant. I made the cake out of box cake mix, chocolate i think and filled it with chocolate frosting. then i just covered the cake in yellow fondant. The wood color fondant is just marbled fondant yellow, light brown, dark brown, and a little bit of white. The bowling ball and the wood floor are both shiny, which I just brushed a little bit of shortening on them. The star border is chocolate frosting. And the fondant stars I had cookie cutters. The fondant name i cut out by hand very carefully. o and the bowling ball and pins have wooden dowels in them and stuck into the cake again very carefully!
Cake decorated Nicole from Loyalton, CA

If you've decorated any bowling cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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