Butt Cakes

butt cakes - male and female

Whether for a birthday or bachelor party, butt cakes make humorous table top presentations. Here are one female and one male butt.

Matt's Butt Cake

Matt's butt cakeMy daughter asked me to make this for her husband. It was a lot of fun and had a lot of fun elements. The purple present is marble cake and so is the butt. I covered the present with fondant that I had colored. The butt cake I covered with the flesh color only half way down and then overlapped the jean part. The seams were done with a seam roller. Then the blue for the jeans was hand painted. The party horns were made out of mini cones and decorated with color fondant. The present top, bows and the birthday card were made from gum paste. The writing on the card was made with food writers. The stars are molded chocolate.
Decorated by Liz from Texas

My Butt Cake

My Butt CakeMy butt cake is baked in a rectangular (9x13) pan. It is a Chiffon Mango flavored cake filled with Mango Custard and Buttercream as filling.

The cake is sculpted at the sides to get the sexy shape of a woman's body and the scrap pieces from the sides of the cake is reserved to make the bulge of the butt. Then the cake is iced again with buttercream and covered with homemade marshmallow fondant.

The line to create the spine was done by running a fondant knife down the back twice.

Then the underwear were created by marbleizing red and pink fondant. The shape was cut out to fit the cake and then the fondant underwear were trimmed in a black string of fondant that was squeezed out of a clay gun fitted with a small hole attachment.

The same black string was formed into 2 bows and set aside to harden before attaching to the 2 corners of the underwear.

On top of the black bows sit 2 yellow fondant roses.

Another black string of fondant comes from the left side of the waist to the right corner of the underwear. This is finished by piping white dots all along both sides of the string.

The name on the underwear is cut in fondant from lowercase funky tappits. Then two fondant hearts sit next to the name. They were painted gold using a combination of gold powdered food coloring and vodka.

The symbol on the back is a string of black fondant made to look like a tattoo.

Decorated by Celeste from Italy

If you've decorated any butt cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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