Butterfly Cakes

collection of 17 butterfly cakes

Here are 17 different butterfly cakes from carved cakes to cakes with butterflies applied to them.

Butterfly Cake

buttercream butterfly cakeI used #21 star tips to create stars all over the cake for my daughter's 4th birthday
Cake decorated by Yemi from Delaware

Butterfly Cake Decorating

butterfly cake decoratingTo make this butterfly cake I made 2 10"x2" round and 2 6"x2" round french vanilla cakes. I cut a small layer of cake out of one of the 10" cakes, but not cutting to the edges, leaving a "dam" so the filling wouldn't ooze out. I lightly frosted this layer, then filled it with apple pie filling. I set the other 10" cake on top. More frosting.

The top tier was really simple, just frosting and a small layer in the middle of raspberry filling I made. I used a really sturdy cake, so I didn't even need to dowel it.

I made the butterflies and monogram a few days in advance, to give them adequate time to dry. I printed off some butterfly pictures I found on the internet and laid a piece of wax paper on top of them. I made a batch of royal icing and separated it into several cups for coloring. (The black batch I made extra stiff, since it was for the outlining and I wanted it to hold it's shape extra well.) I traced the butterfly onto the wax paper, piping it using the black icing. I let it dry, then I piped in colors to fill it in. I let it set to dry thoroughly. (I brushed a dab of water before adding the edible glitter so it would stick well.)

When dry, I gently peeled it off the wax paper and assembled it on the cake!

Cake decorated by Rachel Lampron from Colebrook, NH

Butterflies on a Tree Stump Cake

butterflies on a tree stump cakeThis is a hand carved cake. I made it by stacking 3 rounds and hand carving it to look like the stump. The inner rings of the tree a modeling chocolate, that I hand painted. The bark is buttercream....
Cake decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Flutterby Cake

flutterby cakeThis was too easy. just two cakes of any flavour baked in a love heart shaped tin, and cupcakes. icing was the ready made sort with food colouring added and decorations were edible gel decorating pens, silver cachous and bought hard icing decorations. It was as easy as that.

This is a good idea for satisfying both those who want cake and those who want cupcakes (the little kids!).

Cake decorated by Kylie from Australia

Birthday Butterflies

birthday butterflies cakeFor the birthday butterflies cake, I made the butterflies from edible rice paper and are coloured with edible food colours and glazed with a thin layer of piping gel, then edible glitter. The bodies are black fondant.

Inside is a rich fruit cake, covered with a layer of marzipan then a layer of black fondant.

The flowers are orange fondant which I left to harden so they stayed flat when hanging off the top off the cake, I wanted a more 3D effect.

I hand made fondant beads instead of piping around the bottom, these give a more bold finish.

Cake decorated by Lyndsey Bourke from St. Helens, England

Butterfly Garden Cake

butterfly garden cakeI cut out fondant leaves and attached them all around the sides of the cake..I also used a star tip for the details on top of the butterfly cake.
Cake decorated by Dottie from Hanover, Maryland

Colorful Butterfly Cake

colorful butterfly cakeTo make this colorful butterfly cake, I first made a 9" round cake and then I cut the cake like a piece sign. And than Right half side I move to left it's like move the cake opposite direction. I know sounds really complicated.I used butter cream top of it and some m&m candy to decorating the cake.

The wings were covered in peach colored buttercream and then colored areas on the wings were added - green and pink on the top and white on the bottom. The m&m candies were just arranged in a pattern so the left side looked like a mirror image of the right side.

Cake decorated by Tazkera from Bronx, NY

Buttercream Butterfly

butterfly cake designI made this butterfly cake design for my daughters 2nd birthday I cut the butterfly out of a sheet sponge cake using a template I had drawn up and secured to the top of the cake using tooth picks so it didn't move whilst cutting it out I cut 2 exactly the same then i joined them together using jam in the middle you could use frosting or cream then i did a crumb coat using a pink buttercream frosting then i made another batch of frosting and tinted half purple and half pink and then place in a piping bag using a small star tip I piped the entire cake using pink for the body and wings and purple for the rest of the cake I them used sugar flowers to decorate and attached a sugar flower to florist wire using royal icing to use for the antennae I then used pink and purple edible cake glitter and sprinkled all over to make the butterfly sparkle.

Cake decorated by Katie Rickard from Wodonga, Australia

Flitter Cake

flitter cakeI am enrolled in a Wilton decorating class and this is the first cake I created. I started with 2 9" white cakes and cut them in halves to make four layers. each was filled with almond/coconut buttercream frosting with the center layer mixed with a little rasberry jam. i used the icing tip to first apply the buttercream to the outside and then smoothed (took the longest time). I then used a cookie cutter to mark my butterflies and filled them in with the star tip. I used the 12 tip to add the dots and the star again to finish off the bottom. I used a 2 tip to add the antenas and the trails.

Cake decorated by Dominique from West Palm Beach, FL

Butterfly and Fairy Cake

butterfly and fairy cakeThis butterfly fairy cake was made with 2 layers of vegan chocolate cake with light chocolate mousse filling. Decorated with pink whipped cream, white piping. The design on top is drawn in merckens chocolate (used in molds).

The chocolate plaques can be made in much the same way that you make a buttercream transfer. You photocopy a design and make a mirror image of it. Cover the design with plastic and you will pipe the design on top. Outline the picture in regular chocolate. When set, fill in the details, starting with the smallest details first and moving to the biggest areas. You can purchase chocolate candy melts in all different colors from craft and cake decorating supply stores. When the picture is done, let it set until firm in the refrigerator. Invert chocolate image on to the cake and remove the plastic.

Cake decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA


butterflyThe butterfly cake is created by cutting along the round tier in the pattern of a peace sign. Each piece gets moved over to the opposite side. The antennas are simply created by bending pipe cleaners and putting them into the cake.
Cake decorated by Nicolett Hamilton from Port Elizabeth

Butterfly Cake Decorations

butterfly cake decorationsThis is a Red Velvet cake with homemade buttercream frosting covered with butterfly cake decorations.
Stiff consistency orange icing was used for the border.

Chocolate was piped onto wax paper to make the butterflies and then frosting was used to adhere the butterflies to the cake.

If you pipe each side of the wings separately, you can set the two sides of the wings in between a piece of crumpled aluminum foil and align the wings so that that are bent (as though the butterfly is flying). Then pipe the body of the butterfly in chocolate and allow it to set. When you place the butterfly on the cake, the wings will be elevated from the surface of the cake.

Cake decorated by Joy from PA

Butterfly and Matleser

butterfly and matleser cakeThe butterfly and matleser cakes themselves were chocolate with mint buttercream. I smoothed over the cakes themselves with the buttercream before pouring over chocolate ganache that had been cooled down before hand (this is important as you dont want the buttercream to melt, put cake in freezer for added confidence).

The butterflies are fabric ones that I picked up from a craft shop. The spray of maltesers are actually styrofoam balls covered in chocolate with wire put through them (as the maltesers are too heavy).

A few of the maltersers are dusted with some edible lustre to make them stand out a bit.

Cake decorated by Stephanie from Belfast

Blue Butterfly Cake

blue butterfly cakeMy husband cut out a pattern of a butterfly, traced it to make a template and laid it on top of the cake to cut the shape. Then it was frosted and decorated in buttercream.
Cake decorated by Scott Coleman from Owensboro, KY

Butterfly Flower Cake

butterfly flower cakeThis cake was made for my grand-daughter Laila's first birthday. I baked two 12" round cakes and carved out the flower part, using the parts I cut out, I made the stem and leaves. I then made a small cake in a bowl for the lady bug. I used buttercream frosting with gel colorings for all the icing. I added a few butterflies from floral arrangements. The cake altogether took 3 mixes.
Cake decorated by Annetta Brady from Alapaha, GA

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes

spring butterfly cupcakesChocolate cupcakes with raspberry cheesecake filling. Topped with buttercream. Flowers are made from fondant, and the butterflies are made out of chocolate.
Cupcakes decorated by Kiele B. from Rocky Ford, CO

Butterfly and Flower Cake

butterfly and flower cakeThis butterfly and flower cake is a 2-layer 8" x 2" chocolate cake. With chocolate fudge icing. I covered it in sky blue colored fondant. I free-handed the butterflies, flower stems, and clouds with fondant and a paring knife. For the tulips and daisies I used cookie cutters made by Wilton. the grass is regular store bought icing tinted green and piped all around the bottom.
Cake decorated by Nora Ann Johnson from Hickory, NC


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