Butterfly Wedding Cakes

butterfly wedding cakes

Not only do butterflies appear frequently on girl's birthday cakes; butterfly wedding cakes are popular with the butterflies either being the featured decoration or added to a spray of flowers. Gum paste butterflies are easy to make: roll the gum paste thin, use a cutter than cuts and stamps the impression in at the same time. Bend the butterflies in the middle so the wings stick up. You can lay them to dry on aluminum foil to help hold the shape. When they are dry, you can use edible paints to decorate them. They can also be placed on wire prior to drying so you can insert the wire in the cake to give the impression the butterflies are flying. Wire should not be put directly into the cake. Insert the wire into a plastic drinking straw.

Another way to make the butterflies is by using gelatin. This gives them a very lightweight look and feel and you will be able to see right through the wings. You can purchase the butterfly gelatin mold online. The gelatin mixture is painted on the mold and allowed to dry. (The gelatin is colored beforehand with liquid food coloring). When the gelatin is first unmolded, it is pliable.

Rainbow Butterfly Cake

rainbow butterfly wedding cake3 tier fondant covered cake. Real ribbon was used as the bands of the cake, one overlapping the other. The butterflies were adhered to the cake using corsage pins, (for a 3d effect), and edible glue. This was a really fun cake to make!

Cake decorated by Leah from Florida

Butterflies & Leaves Wedding Cake

butterflies and leaves wedding cakeThis cake is small- 8,6 & 4 inch tiers of carrot cake & cream cheese icing. I will say- working with cream cheese icing is difficult, since it can melt. I found it was easiest to smooth after cooling in the refrigerator for 10 minutes- just hard enough to smooth, but not completely firm. I then stacked the cake & added the border. The leaves & butterflies are gum paste- made with cutters.

Cake decorated by Carrie Guenther from Wooster, Ohio


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