Cake Sizes Guide

Find cake sizes to suit the number of people you need to serve. Birthday cake sizes are often larger cakes because they are shorter. Consider you will cut a larger wedge from a birthday cake to create one potion than you would from a wedding cake. Because wedding cakes are taller, a cake with a small diameter will serve more people.

Wedding cake slices are commonly 4” high by 2” deep by .75” wide. To determine servings, you really need to consider the servings for each layer you use and add them up. The homemaker will often make a cake that is barely 2-1/2” high, while the wedding cake designer’s cake may be 6” high.

If you are serving a wedding cake, traditionally, many brides take the top tier home to freeze and eat on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. Since this tier will not be served, the balance of the cake must include a sufficient number of portions to feed the wedding party. Larger cake sizes, i.e. a 12” cake are often not cut to the center of the cake to cut a slice. Instead, a circle will be cut a given distance from the outside of the cake and then the outside slices cut and served before cutting the inner part of the cake.

Choose a cake board that is at least 2” wider that the diameter of the cake. If adding a lot of detail on the cake base, go for at least 4” wider. Be sure to choose a sturdy cake board that will not bend with the weight of the cake.

Cardboard cake boards are fine for single tier cakes, but anything taller will be too heavy. The same goes for large sheet cakes. You may want to glue several together for extra support. A wood board is the most reliable, if you need to cut your own. (The wood would need to be covered before placing the cake on top of it). If the cake board bends, your cake surface and decorations will crack, at the very least. The very worst is ending up with the entire cake on the floor.

Pan Size (2 layers) Servings
Round Pans
6 20
7 25
8 35
9 45
10 55
11 65
12 75
Rectangular Pans (single layer)
13 x 9 45
12 x 18 (2 side by side - full sheet cake) 75
12 x 8 (quarter (1/4) sheet cake 17
12 x 16 (half sheet cake) 38

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