Camouflage Cakes

camouflage cakes

Camouflage cakes are great for hunters, army men and mens' cakes, in general. Here are a few different variations of the popular color scheme.

Camouflage Cake

camoflauge cakeEvery year we have a family rival when the Ga. Bulldogs play the Tenn. Vols, me being the only one pulling for the Vols. For my grandsons 9th birthday he wanted a camo Ga. cake. His party happened to be planned on the day of the rival game, so I decided to mix it up. The cake turned out to be huge, made with 3 different cake mixes. I then covered it with a tan colored fondant. I hand painted the camouflage color using gel colorings and vodka so it would dry quickly. The helmet cakes were baked in bowls and then carved to shape. They were also covered in dyed fondant. He loved the cake so much, he said it was the best birthday cake he had ever seen. That meant everything to me.
Cake decorated by Annetta Brady from Alapeha, Georgia

Hunter's Camo Cake

hunting camoflauge cakeI made the cake for my son's 30th birthday.  The details on the cake were elements from his favorite camouflage clothing. Some were piped onto the cake and others were made from gum paste for a 3D effect.  The cake topper was made from royal icing inspired by one of his hunting emblems.  I then drove 3 hours to surprise him with the cake at his job.  The cake was a hit with him and his co-workers.
Decorated by Melissa from Kentucky

Patriotic Cake

patriotic cakeI made this cake with fondant. I made three different colors of the fondant and kneaded them together slightly. I found some Army characters and vehicles at a Dollar Store. Very easy! And my customer just loved it!
Cake decorated by Charlotte Still from Perryton, TX

Hunting Cake

hunting cakeMade this cake for my grandson for his 15th birthday.  I sculpted the animals out of gum paste and fondant.  I made leaves in different colors as well as acorns and branches.  I created camouflage coloring marshmallow fondant in the various colors and rolling these together into the sheet to cover the top tier and the cake board.  I used chocolate fondant marbled with the marshmallow fondant to cover the bottom tier.  The borders were done with the creme filled wafer cookie sticks.  

The cake was devils food filled with praline filling.  My grandson was thrilled and said it looked professionally done and tasted awesome!

top of hunting cakeCake decorated by Connie Le Blanc from Louisiana

If you've decorated any camouflage cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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