Car Cakes

collection of 7 cars cakes

Here are 7 different variations of car cakes, some using sheet cakes, others using the Wilton car pan.

Wilton Car Cake

wilton car cakeI used a Betty Crocker milk chocolate cake mix. The design was from a Wilton cake pan. I made the icing out of Wilton's buttercream icing and food coloring. This is the first "professional" cake and I had a blast make it. My son, who it was made for, got a huge kick out of it. =)

Cake decorated by Sheila from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Matchbox Car Cake

matchbox car cakeCarved shape from 1/2 sheet cake pan x2

Iced in white - sprayed black

Fondant for wheels and stripes

Cake decorated Erin McLees from Wisconsin

Cars McQueen Cake

cars mcqueen cakeThis was my 3 year old's birthday cake. He is a Cars fan and had to have McQueen. I used a simple frozen buttercream transfer method for McQueen.
Cake decorated by Kelly from Seattle, Washington

3D Blue Car

3d blue car cakeI used #21 star tip all over the car and used tip #3 for the tires.
Cake decorated by Yemi from Delaware

Cars Cake

cars cakeI sprinkled oreos and white oreos for the roads and used buttercream icing for the rest. The cars on top were from McDonald's Happy Meals.
Cake decorated by Tammy MC from WP, TX

Corvette Cake

yellow corvette cakeI used an inch and a half thick block of wood underneath the cake board to lift the car off off the table. I then cut 2 5 by 9 cakes (frosted in the middle with cream cheese frosting) to make the major portion of the body. the top is all one piece of cake shaved down to make the windows. this was the hard part!
getting the proportions right was easiest by finding a picture on the web of a corvette and making the body x number of wheel diameters long. (if that makes sense)
the wheels are muffins minus the tops.
brake lights are red m&ms. The license plate is a Hershey bar square!
no fondant was used in the making of this cake.
Cake decorated by Jamie Crum from Fair Oaks, CA

Bumblebee Autobot Cake

bumblebee autobot cakeBumblebee in car form is made completely out of fondant, and painted with food coloring. Cake is alternate layers of chocolate fudge and french vanilla filled with citrus flavored buttercream. Flames are painted on with a handmade stencil and autobot symbol is fondant.
Cake decorated Carrie Shipton from Fond du Lac, WI


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