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Castle cakes are for the little princesses or kids that enjoy building them from sand. They are grand, ethereal and places where our dreams come true. Here are 10 different variations of castle cakes you can make.

Simple Castle Cake

simple castle cakeI made this cake for my son Akkshay's 4th birthday. I have only round shaped baking tray and a tradional oven. so i made 4 round Pound cakes and cut them into squares and placed them together to make a larger square base. on top i put two round cakes for the castle.

I purchased the brown tower cakes from the nearest bakery. i used ice cream cones for the steep towers. i used cadburys dairy milk chocolate for doors and windows. I used white butter cream icing for the castle and green for the base.

I used bourbun biscuits for the castle outer wall. I used rainbow sugar sticks for the fencing and colorful sugar balls for decorating.

Cake decorated by Preethi Srinivas from Bangalore, India

Sand Castle Cake

sand castle cakeThis cake took many different ingredients. It has three layers. I used buttercream icing. I coated the icing with vanilla wafers. I crushed them so the would look like real sand. I used graham crackersticks,and ice-cream cones.

Castle of Love

castle of loveThis huge cake is a 12" vanilla cake,a 9"lemon cake and 6" chocolate top cake,the towers are also made of chocolate cake. The roll out icing is home made too.Pearl lustre spray was used to give the cake a shimmer.The ivy was piped on.The only thing that could not be eaten were the tower tops,they were thick paper covered with icing.It took 10 hours to decorate.
Cake decorated by Linda Chambers from England

Castle Wedding Cake

castle wedding cakeThis castle wedding cake is made with traditional fruit cake, covered and decorated with royal icing.
Cake decorated by Milly from Trinidad and Tobago

Dragon Castle

dragon castle cakeDragon Castle” was decorated with rolled fondant and gum paste. It is an 8" round stacked with half a 7" round on top, to create a mountain look. The short and tall towers are cake covered in fondant, and the thin towers on the edges are gum paste/fondant.The turrets were painted with gold luster dust. The dragon was made completely out of gum paste, and painted with red and gold luster dust. As one of my more challenging cakes so far, I estimate the entire creation took about 8-10 hours to complete
Cake decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Sand Castle Fantasy Wedding Cake

sand castle fantasy wedding cakeThe groom made a beach proposal and since they are a fun couple they decided to have a beach wedding with a sand castle wedding cake. This cake arranged in a traditional three tiers. The design is based on the strength of the groom and brides' love and inspired by the spanish fortress.It is made with a moist yellow cake filled with sweet fresh strawberries, strawberries preserved in rum, and whipped cream. The top tier (dome) is filled with a decadent coconut cream and roasted pecans. The cake is covered in a silky swiss buttercream and textured with graham crackers for a touch of crunch and sand-like finish. It is decorated with hand made gum paste and fondant sea creatures which includes: Corals, Shells, Sand dollars, Sea Stars, and Sea Grass.
Cake decorated by Mirelys Calise from Orlando, FLorida

Hannah's Fairy Castle Tree House

hannah's fairy castle tree house cakeFlowers, leaves and towers done days ahead. Three grown people and two days of work! Wiltons instructions not very good but thanks to my sister and husband for all their help we got it done.
Cake decorated by Liz from Texas

Pink & Purple Castle Cake

pink and purple castle cakeYou will need LOTS of frosting to make this cake! I would get 10-12 cans!

Bottom: 4 stacked 13 x 9 cakes

Top: 2 stacked 8 x 8 cakes, trimmed down a bit, stacked in center of larger bottom part.

Towers: Frost a regular ice cream cone and a sugar cone; place the sugar cone upside-down inside the regular cone and frost the seam. Dip/sprinkle with pink sugar.

Windows/Doors: Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (windows are cut in 1/2)

Other details: Pink Breast Cancer Awareness M&Ms

The cake looked great at first, but it didn't hold; it started falling apart! A couple of things I would advise to avoid this are:

1) Do NOT use "Whipped" frosting; it needs to be sturdy!

2) Instead of pushing the towers down on the base, cut a hole on each of the base's four corners, the size of the bottom of the regular ice cream cone. Set the tower in the hole, and ice around it to hold it there.


3) Even if your cakes look level, use a cake leveler anyway! The slightest difference can make your cake unstable.

So my cake fell apart... no; I didn't cry. Sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons, right?

I asked my oldest son to get some little plastic knights and a cannon from his pirate set and strategically placed them on the cake and told the guests that the "Romans had attacked overnight." We had a good laugh and the cake was still the conversation piece.

Good luck!

Cake decorated by Bethany from Ludington, MI

Macey's 1st Birthday Castle Cake

macey's 1st birthday castle cakeThis is a white cake with buttercream icing. I used the Wilton castle set and blue jello for the mote. The little princess is the small wonder mold set.
Cake decorated by Martha Choat from Robinson, Texas

Snow White Castle Cake

Snow White castle cakeTwo round double layer cakes made with fondant and too much love for my 3 year old daughter.
Cake decorated by Jenny from Lynn, MA

Madison's Candyland Cake

madison's candyland cakeThis was my first attempt at using the castle set from wilton. I had a bit of trouble with one of the towers...but good I think overall. I used 2 10 in rounds for the base, and 2 6 in rounds for the top tier. I made homemade buttercream (my dads recipe) in pink and yellow, and green for the turrets covered in green sugar and some stripes. I spent entirely too long but I attached a million mini and regular size m&ms for decorations, and spearmint leaves for the base areas. My daughter madison was only turning 1 but the look on her face showed me that she absolutely LOVED it!
Cake decorated by Jennifer McCarthy from Largo, FL


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