Chocolate Wedding Cakes

chocolate wedding cakes

Chocolate wedding cakes covered in chocolate fondant or modeling chocolate are delicious options to offer the bride. Here are a few different decorating options:

Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake

chocolate wedding cakeI stacked square cakes on top each other. Each cake was iced using chocolate ganche. Rolled fondant accents were made using molds. Scroll design was piped on the side. Groom's cake was covered in fondant.
Cake decorated by JoAnne Mueller from New York

Chocolate Swirl Wedding Cake

chocolate swirl wedding cakeI was given such a small picture of a chocolate swirl wedding cake similar to this one, and was asked to re-create it for a Texas November 07 wedding. The bride thought it was perfect. "It's exactly what I wanted" she said.

The cakes were each covered in a white chocolate fondant and overpiped with a chocolate buttercream.

Brown satin ribbon was placed around the base of each tier and finished with a plain dot border.

The top of the top tier and the top of edge of the bottom tier both were completed with an "E" swirl pattern.

Cake decorated by Debbie from Texas

150 Pound Chocolate Wedding Cake

150 pound chocolate wedding cakeThis was a super fun wedding took lots of work and muscle.LOL
6", 14", 16" squares. With a rich chocolate double layer fudge cake, and Dark Chocolate MMF, and a blue caramel buttercream filling! YUM!!! And literally it was at least 150 lbs.
Cake decorated by Melissa from Idaho

Chocolate Tower Wedding Cake

chocolate tower wedding cakeThis chocolate tower wedding cake consisted of 9 - 2 inch round cakes, a 12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4 stacked on each other to form the tower. The cake is an Italian Cream Cake filled and frosted with a Cream Cheese Frosting. Then fine shaved white chocolate is applied over the entire cake, followed by placing larger pieces of chocolate shavings on to of that. On top of the cake are white chocolate curls. This was a challenge to make. I've only been doing Wedding Cakes for a year now, but the Bride found it in a magazine and had her heart set on it. So by trial and error I made her the cake of her dreams.
Cake decorated by Linda Traxinger from Great Falls, Montana

Chocolate Tropical Wedding Cake

chocolate tropical wedding cakeAll Flowers are hand made out of gumpaste and fondant.Chocolate mmf. 1 tier was chocolate, 2 were yellow 1 was red velvet.
Cake decorated by Ellen Sprouse from Virginia

Royal Chocolate Raspberry Wedding Cake

royal chocolate raspberry wedding cakeThis royal chocolate raspberry cake is a buttercream iced cake drenched in chocolate ganache and piled with fresh raspberries.

All you have to do to make this yourself (with any size tiers) is to stack buttercream iced cakes, spoon chocolate ganache along the top of each tier and guide it down the sides of the cake. The place fresh, washed and dried raspberries on the tops of each cake. It is best to use fresh berries as frozen raspberries have a tendency to lose their shape and don't make for a nice presentation.

Cake decorated by Jill Wong from Hammonton, NJ

If you've made any chocolate wedding cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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