Choosing and Decorating Cake Boards

There are many occasions when cake boards are the best choice for cake support. They are ideal for odd shapes, because they can be cut to the desired shape;they support the layers of tiers; and they are best for professional use, as they are disposable.

When making your selection, choose one that is at least 2" larger than the bottom layer. This leaves 1" showing all around the cake base. If the base of the cake will have large decorations, take their width into consideration. For instance, if there will be flowers extending 1/2" from the base all around the cake, add another 1" to the base size.

The thicker the cake and the higher the tiers, the thicker the cake board should be to provide ample support.Ideally, it should be light enough to carry, yet sturdy enough so that it doesn't bend. If it bends, your cake will crack when you move it.

When stacking tiers, each tier should be on placed on a board the same size.

Covering Cake Boards with Royal Icing:

A very simple, attractive way to cover the board is to spread a thin coat of royal icing on it. Thin the royal icing until it has the consistency of syrup. You can tint it to match the cake or leave it white. Spread the royal icing evenly across the cake base with a spatula and then leave it to dry for 24 hours. Before you place the cake on top, apply a bit of icing in the center to secure the cake.

finishing a cake board with ribbon The outer edge of the board can be quickly dressed up with ribbon. You can attach the ribbon with glue or royal icing, then secure the ends with a hat pin.
applying bow to cake board A small ribbon bow can mask the pin head.

Covering The Board with Fondant:

Color the fondant for the board to match the fondant on the cake. Roll the fondant out to 1/4" thick. Drape the fondant across the board and trim the edge with a palette knife. Allow to dry before placing cake on top, so not to mark up the surface. Prior to placing the cake on top of the board, place a dab of icing in the center to secure the cake. If you wish to emboss the fondant on the board, do so immediately after applying. Once the fondant is dry, you can also decorate it by painting it with powdered food coloring and water.

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