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Here are some not so ordinary Christmas cakes you can try if you're looking for something different than what you usually make.

Christmas Wreath Cake

Christmas wreath cakeThis Christmas wreath cake was made for a Christmas celebration. It was a simple design, just iced in white buttercream and piped with a medium size beaded border. The wreath on top gave it visual dimension and striking eye appeal, along with the sugar poinsettias. I made the leaves and flowers out of royal icing. It took a little while to get them all positioned on the cake, but it was worth the time!
Cake decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Christmas Ornament Cake

Christmas ornament cakeI used Wilton ball cake pan to make this christmas ornament cake. It's made with pound cake..filled with chocolate buttercream, covered with fondant...painted with gold glaze and dusted with super gold luster dust and gold shimmer dust..the design was made from royal icing which I piped on, after it dried I painted the design with silver glaze and dusted with platinum luster dust. The hook holder was made with gumpaste and painted with silver glaze. The hook is non-edible made from floral wire...I tied a bow around the hook holder...bottom cake is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and covered in dark chocolate fondant and trimmed with chocolate buttercream. I then made chcoclate cuppies with chocolate buttercream icing, I dusted each one with sparkle disco dust in gold, red, and silver.

Cake decorated by Tracy M from Mesquite, TX

Christmas Music Cake

Christmas music cakeThis cake was made from fondant and silk flowers. I liked the combo and thought it turned out nice.
Cake decorated by Teresa Benfield from North Carolina

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Cake

happy birthday baby Jesus cakeThis was a spur-of-the-moment cake after my sister-in-law requested it a few hours before our family Christmas celebration. I pulled a small 6-inch cake out of the freezer. I iced it with buttercream. The manger was a rice krispy treat I removed from the cookie tray I was taking to the celebration, hollowed out the center and covered with some leftover brown fondant. I rolled out some yellow fondant, cut it into strips, and let it dry to make the straw. The baby is just some pink fondant rolled in a short tube with a head and wrapped in white fondant. I sprayed a little blue color onto the white buttercream so the manger would stand out from the background. I finished with a simple shell border. This all took about an hour. All the children at the party loved the cake, but nobody wanted to eat Baby Jesus!

Cake decorated by H.J. from Springfield, KY

Christmas Gift Cake

Christmas gift cakeI made this cake for our Christmas Dinner. It's a homemade Red Velvet cake which I covered in plain white fondant. I then painted the fondant with gold pearl dust mixed with vanilla. After it dried, I made the ribbon/flower arrangement. A very easy cake to make!

You can purchase pre-made ribbon bows or just make them yourself with wired ribbon. This same idea can be applied to a cake for any season, just by changing the colors of the ribbon.

Cake decorated by Tricia from Missouri

Peppermint Stick and Holly Cake

peppermint stick and holly cakeFor this holly cake I used a buttercream frosting with sugar crystals. The peppermint sticks were rolled buttercream with peppermint flavoring and the leaves were royal icing.. for the texture of the leaves I painted the royal icing onto mint leaves and removed the leaves when hardened.

You can also make the holly leaves from gum paste colored green. Roll out the gum paste, use a holly leaf cutter, and then press the leaf into a veiner. Let the gum paste leaf dry on crumpled aluminum foil to create a natural curve to the leaf.

Cake decorated by Charlene from Roswell, GA

Santa Cake

Santa cakeTo make this santa cake, I made a circle shape using the circle pans with white cake. I used fondant for his white face, nose, mouth, eyes and the red part of his hat. Then I used butter cream icing to create his hair and the ball at the end of his hat. I colored sugar with red food coloring.

Santa's hair is piped with a star tip (you can use #21 or #22) in a swirling motion to make it look like hair. It can be difficult to tint fondant a bright red. You can either use store-bought fondant red, or paint the fondant with a mixture of powdered red food coloring and vodka if you want to get a more intense color.

Cake decorated by Laura Y. Gonzalez from Schaumburg, IL

Santa Cupcakes

santa cupcakesThese Santa cupcakes are frosted with white buttercream icing. The hat was made by applying red sugar crystals. The rim of the hat is just piped in white. A mini-marshmallow makes the pom pom on the end of the hat. Santa's eyes are chocolate chips and his nose is a cinnamon candy. The beard is sweetened, shredded coconut.
Cupcakes decorated by Bhavisha Patel from Montreal, QC, Canada

If you've decorated any Christmas cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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