Construction Vehicle Cakes

different construction vehicle cakes

Construction vehicle cakes are a favorite among little boys. Most grow up playing with toy trucks, tractors and cars and would love nothing more than a cake made to look like one.

Tractor Cake

tractor cakeThis is a sheet cake with butter cream frosting and crazy candy decorations. The only thing that is not edible is the tractor. I ran out of time and my son really wanted to use his favorite red tractor.

As you can see this was a hit with the kids. If you look closely you will find missing candy blocks and rocks. Also the bottom portion of the A is missing.

Thank goodness this was a Birthday/Halloween party as everyone walked around with green lips and tongue for a while. In hind-sight I should have used the grass tip to decorate the top. Well, maybe next time.

Cake decorated by Kristie from Holly, MI

Dump Truck Cake

dump truck cakeEasy dump truck cake!
Buy a big yellow dump truck and park it in the middle of a large board covered with chocolate frosting.

I used a screwdriver handle to make tyre tracks through the 'mud', and added various features as follows:

log pile of Kit Kats (with a few 'snakes' thrown in)
rock pile of Violet Crumble or Crunchie bar pieces
a wood pile of Jersey Caramels
a stone pile of chocolate covered sultanas

I printed a few road hazard signs on yellow paper, then used clear adhesive contact in a few layers. I used icing to attach Toblerone triangles to each one, as a stand.

I also made some orange witches hats (safety cones) out of molded icing which I painted.

I used a few of Fisher-Price's 'Little People' figurines as workers.

Best of all, I used a Sara Lee (pre-frozen) chocolate cake, cut into chunks, as the load in the truck. This particular truck had a spring mechanism that enabled Lewis (birthday boy) to actually dump the load on the board after he blew out the candles - which was a highlight for him.

This is a minimal waste cake!

top view of dump truck cakeCake decorated by Ally Chumley from Australia

Bulldozer Cake

bulldozer cakeThis bulldozer cake is a 9 x 13 cake with another cake baked in a small bowl stacked upside down on top. Frosted most of it and used the wilton grass tip. I covered the "hill" with crushed oreos... and made the pond with some blue icing.

Bo Danger's 1st Birthday Cake

bulldozer cakeIt was my little boy's first b-day and seeing how he's my one and only it had to be perfect!! I was doing a construction b-day party and I wanted a bulldozer cake but no one could make the one I wanted... So I took it upon myself to make what I wanted. The 3-D Bulldozer cake is made out of one loaf pan, cut about 3/4 off. The small peice that is left cut almost in half leaving one piece a little bigger... One is going to be the cab and the other is in front of the cab... Shave the sides about 1/2 in with a knife for the track. Then I decorated with the number 18 tip, the bucket it black fondant, the round dots on the track, and the pull-up handles are also fondant. Rest is buttercream icing.
Cake decorated by Jessica Pendleton from Cherryville, NC

If you've decorated any construction vehicle cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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