Cookie Monster Cakes

cookie monster cakes

Cookie monster cakes are still a favorite! Sesame Street has been on television for many decades, winning the hearts of children.

What kid wouldn't love to stuff his/her face with cookies like Cookie Monster does. He makes a great kid's birthday cake theme.

Cookie Monster Cake

cookie monster cakeUsing 2 boxes Duncan Chocolate Cake mix following package instructions. I baked Bottom layer of cake in a Pyrex 2.5 liter bowl. The Head, in a Pyrex 1.5 liter Bowel. (PYREX Is Oven Safe...) adjusting cooking time, testing cake every 5 minutes after 30 minutes.

I stacked the cakes using wooden squires, Shaping cookie monsters head and mouth, cutting away part of the cake to make hands and legs.

Using a thin layer butter cream (colored blue)on the entire cake so if I missed a spot with the tip that I used for the hair it wouldn't be noticed. I used Marshmallow fondant for the eyes and hat and inside the mouth. Painting the black with black food coloring and vanilla(to water it down and paint easier)

Cake decorated by Victoria Vaux from Wilson, NY

Cookie Monster Sheet Cake

cookie monster sheet cakeThis cookie monster was hand drawn and filled in with buttercream stars. The Happy Birthday message was made with royal icing letters sold in the grocery store.
Cake decorated by Tammy Urizar from Providence

Cookie Monster Face Cake

cookie monster face cakeI used an oval cake pan and mini muffins pan. I used a star tip to cover the oval in blue to look like fur. The 2 mini muffins are frosted white and used as the eyes.
Cake decorated by Laurie from Bakersfield

If you've decorated any Cookie Monster cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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