Corset Cakes

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Corset cakes are appropriate both for bridal shower and bachelor parties. Here are a few pretty options:

Lingerie Bridal Shower Cake

lingerie bridal shower cakeThis bridal shower cake is red velvet cake frosted with cream cheese icing. The ribbon is a real strand of maroon ribbon.

The bride-to-be had a lingerie themed bridal shower.

Decorated by Kris McCarthy from Miami, FL

Red Lingerie Cake

red lingerie cakeThis red lingerie cake is completed decorated in buttercream. The base of the cake was cut from a sheet cake and two additional cakes were baked in bowls to create the breasts.

The red buttercream is spread across the area of the lingerie and then trims the lingerie with stars.

Decorated by Marie Anne Casipit from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Red Corset Cake

red corset cakeThis is a full sheet cake. Yellow with a vanilla buttercream. Covered in flesh colored fondant and a red fondant corset. The lace is piped in a black colored chocolate buttercream.
Decorated by Chris Hoxie from Huntley, IL

Pink and Zebra Print Corset Cake

pink and zebra print corset cake13x9 pan
Souffle cups
Devils Food Cake
Vanilla frosting
Wilton Icing Colorant Red & Black
Mini Marshmallows
Powdered Sugar

For Fondant: Melt whole bag of marshmallows in microwave in 30 sec. intervals of stirring with 1 tablespoon of water. In separate area, grease table/work surface with shortening. Then powder greased surface with powdered sugar. Pour melted mini marshmallows on top of sugar and knead until consistency is clay like. Create ball, rub small amount of shortening on ball, then wrap in saran plastic and let cool (15 min). Tint to discretion. Use as fondant. This tastes better too!

Since I couldn't find the corset shape. I took a 13x9" pan and baked my cake. Next, after on bakers cooling rack, I froze this in order to lock in moisture and carve into figure. Then baked in souffle cups, the additional cake mix and cooled. Next frosted figure and added souffle cups and extra piece of left over cake to form top of brassiere. Then frosted with vanilla so white fondant would stay consistent with color. Then froze for another 3-5 hrs. This helps move fondant around when placing it on top of frosting later. Dark frosting will show through white fondant if not thick enough. Next rolled out fondant, two circles for brassiere then rectangle for body and trimmed edges.

With leftover fondant, tinted with red to form a soft pink and attached pieces by brushing on lightly water before attaching flowers, and pink parts of corset. Then Used black icing colorant lightly watered down and free handed the zebra stripes. Since I didn't know how to make a bow, I simply attached a real ribbon bow to center, and added plastic beading to save time. (I was running late).

End result was wonderful, considering I'm 23, I've never taken classes, and this is only my fourth cake I've made with fondant. :) The bride to be loved it.

Decorated by Melissa Rodriguez from San Antonio, TX

Bridal Shower Cheesecake Bustier

bridal shower cheesecake bustierUsed a 12 inch heart pan for a recipe of New York Cheesecake. Used the Wilton ball pan to bake two smaller cheesecakes for the breasts. Covered in vanilla buttercream.
Decorated by Lina Custodio from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

If you've decorated  any corset cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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