Cupcake Christmas Ornaments

cupcake christmas ornaments

Cupcake Christmas ornaments make for a very festive, single serving dessert for the Christmas table and let you have fun creating different designs.

Because the tops of the cupcakes are rounded, you need to bake a half balls. I created 12 of my own by using aluminum foil that was molded over a baseball to make these cupcake Christmas ornaments. They were set in a muffin pan and then filled up two-thirds of the way with the batter. Bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit (about twenty minutes) or until golden brown on top.At the same time, bake twelve cupcakes. The half balls will be set on top of them.

Once the cupcakes and half balls have cooled off, use a knife to cut across the top of the cupcakes so you create a flat surface to place the half balls on. Put the tops and bottoms together using icing. Smooth the icing on the tops of the half balls as best as you can.

On top of each cupcake, place a circle of fondant in your color choice. Decorate each with royal icing. (You can also attach silver or gold dragees at this point, if desired). When the royal icing has hardened, you can further embellish the piping using a mixture of small amount of vodka or lemon extract.

Roll a small amount of fondant into a short cylinder to create the part of the ornament that holds the hook. Attach it to the cupcake with gum glue or royal icing and paint it if you like.

The cupcakes are presented in a box filled with red tissue paper, arranged to cover up the cupcake wrapper so only the tops are exposed. This gives the appearance that they are really Christmas ornaments.

By Teressa Stokes

Here is a similar design, but more in the traditional cupcake style:

christmas ornament cupcakes

I was inspired to do these cupcakes, from Elisa Strauss' Confetti Cakes for Kids book. (She is the owner of Confetti Cake bakery in NY City.) They are regular cupcakes baked in foil liners, and covered in white rolled fondant. I then painted them with luster dust (edible color) to give the different sheens, and then piped the designs on. The little tops are made out of dried fondant and painted gold. I was really excited how they turned out!

By Julie M.



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