Disney Cartoon Cakes

Disney cartoon cakes

These Disney cartoon cakes are from some of the classic Disney movies.

Daisy Duck Cake

Daisy Duck cakeThe Daisy Duck cake is a 9" round cake decorated with piped buttercream using the star tip. The sides of the cake alternate stripes of white and purple and the top is a piped white daisy. The Daisy figurine on top was purchased from a store.
Cake decorated by Brittany Nicole from UK

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

minnie mouse birthday cakeI made a two layer sheet cake with buttercream frosting. I hand drew Minnie on top out of buttercream. The cake is a white buttermilk cake.
Decorated by Kristina from Leesburg, VA

Sleeping Beauty Cake

sleeping beauty cake2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling. The design on top and the chocolate fairy lollipops are drawn in merckens chocolate (used in molds).
Cake decorated by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

Grumpy Cake

Grumpy cake2 layer sheet cake triple choc with choc fudge frosting in middle. I covered in a light layer of buttercream, then free-handed a pic of grumpy and used star tip to fill in. I made a sugar cookie sign to look like real wood by mixing food coloring and rum and painted on wood grain. the flowers are all fondant, flat and curved to give a 3-d effect. it was a great hit for a 80th bday party!
Cake decorated by Jennifer Blaine McCarthy from Largo, Florida

Cinderella and Pumpkin Cake

Cinderella and Pumpkin cakeThese are both basic white cakes. Cinderella's skirt was made from a Pampered chef small bowl. The pumpkin was actually a santa claus Wilton pan (turned sideways).

I used the rolled buttercream frosting on both of the cakes and loved it! My husband suggested rolling it out between two pieces of cling-wrap; this kept the frosting from sticking to the rolling pin and the table and was especially helpful for transferring larger pieces.

Decorated by Amy Conrad from Mount Vernon, IA

Goofy Cake

Goofy cakeI made this cake for my daughter's 4th birthday. Goofy is made with cake and rice crispy treats covered in rolled fondant.
Cake made by Chris from Philadelphia, PA

Jasmine Cake

Jasmine cakeA half sheet cake covered frosted in butter cream frosting and I hand drew with butter cream frosting a picture of Jasmine for my daughters birthday.
Decorated by Tina Anthony from East Bridgewater, MA

If you've decorated any Disney cartoon cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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