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Dora cakes are a little girl's favorite. Dora the Explorer is a popular cartoon character who goes on many adventures - some of which are expressed in these cakes.

Below, you'll also find cakes featuring her friend, Diego, who tags along on most of her adventures.

Dora the Explorer

dora the explorer cakeThis cake is very easy to make. I made it for my grandaughter's birthday as she just loves Dora! You can use any cake mix or a cake recipe of your own.
I cooked mine in a pyrex bowl but you could buy a dolly varden tin from a cake shop.
Once the cake is baked, turned out and cooled, you simply cut a hole in the top center and place a Dora doll in it. Then you ice it, I used ready made frosting and colored it pink.
A few little flower decorations around the bottom and hey presto it's done!
Decorated by Deborah Kres from Nowra, NSW, Australia

Dora Fairytale Princess Cake

Dora Fairytale Princess CakeMy 3 year old absolutely loves Dora, so it was no surprise that she wanted a Dora Fairytale Cake. I used a Dora cake tin and added a party hat and used extra cake for her hair.
Decorated by Melissa from Queensland, Australia

Second Birthday Dora Cake

second birthday dora cakeI used yellow cake with vanilla butter cream frosting to create this Dora Cake.

Pink, Purple, Orange, Yellow, and Green Marshmallow fondant.

2 layers and 12 cupcakes.

Decorated by Sara from Sumrall

Dora Cake

Dora cakeBaked 8 inch chocolate cake and 6 inch vanilla cake 3 layers of each. Put them together ice and cover with home made fondant icing. Cut with cookie cutter flowers, circles, diamonds and glue them to the cake.

From gum paste made Dora, boots, back pack and little flowers. The stars where made ahead of time dried and put on wire.

Decorated by Livia Sendrea Van Heusen from Schenectady, NY

Dora the Explorer

Dora the ExplorerNo gumpaste was involved, so it is very easy job. The Dora topper base is green and I made the baseline less obvious by using a generous sprinkle of green colored sugar around it. I cut out butterflies a day before, setting them in flying position on egg crates. The orange piping is royal icing. Royal icing is also used to stick on butterflies and dora topper.
Decorated by Rosa Lindlock from Malaysia

Mermaid Dora Cake

mermaid Dora cakeFor her body I used a 14" round cake pan for her head and 18X22" pan for her body. On a sheet of freezer wrap paper I drew her head and body,basically making a stencil of her body. Then I laid each stencil onto each of the cakes and cut each shape out.

Her clothes and fin was covered by fondant icing that I colored individually. Her crown was also made using fondant icing with gems that I purchased at a local craft store - which had adhesives on the back of each (non-edible). Her fin I carefully used tints of blue and green and mixed until I got the fin color in a spiral effect, (I tried a small amount first to get the color I was looking for).

I then used a thin layer of buttercream icing on the cake before placing the fondant icing on to identify each portion of her body.

All together from start to finish, including cooking each cake it took approximately 8 hours. I used 4 boxes of cake mix and one whole box of ready mixed fondant-white.

The cake was inspired by my niece who was turning four and is a fan of Dora Explorer.

Decorated by Kimberly from Idaho

Diego Cake - Dora's Friend

diego cake - dora the explorer's friendI used a homemade marshmallow fondant and an exacto knife to cut and piece this cake. I started out with store bought cake, my sister worked at a bakery and I really am bad at baking. She got me a full sheet cake. I took an invitation for her little boy and a sheet of posterboard. I drew out diego onto the poster board in easy lines. I then cut out the design like I would a puzzle. I pieced it together. I really really enjoyed making this cake. It took six hours to make and the next day it took 2 minutes to destroy. The only problem I had through the project was overworking my fondant. Because of all the different shades of brown and tan and with mixing in the coloring at different levels, I had to cut out certain pieces ahead of time and they dried out. There is no second foot because I started with the shoes and by the time I placed it on the cake it broke and I did not save out enough fondant to remake it. It was the first thing my 4 year old nephew mentioned and noticed about the cake, but I got lots of commissions off it and I learned to not make pieces ahead and set them aside instead of on the cake.
Cake decorated by Christee Mason from Nacogdoches, Texas

Go Diego Go

go Diego go cakeThis is a cake that I made for the son of a friend of mine. He loves Diego and the party had more children than the cake pan servings so I put Diego on a 1/4 sheet. This is the Wilton Diego pan and it's all buttercream icing.
Cake decorated by Jodi from Georgia

Diego Cake

Diego CakeI baked three chocolate, two inch round cakes. I placed one on top of another with butter cream frosting in the middle. The third cake I cut in half and stacked them together with butter cream frosting in the middle.

I inserted three wooden dowels in the bottom cake to support one half of a cake separator that I placed between the lower full circle of cake and the upper half circle of cake for additional support.

I purchased palm trees, desert grass, animals, Diego figurine, and compass from my local Cake Supply store. I covered the cake with butter cream frosting, with forest green food coloring gel. I didn't try to make the frosting smooth on the cake.

I used piping gel, with sky blue food coloring gel added, to create the waterfall effect and small candy rocks around the edge of the water. I used a grass and leaf tip for foliage.

Cake made by Tammy Bowen from Glendale, AZ

If you decorated any Dora cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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