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These Elmo cakes depict the adorable, fuzzy red monster from Sesame Street who has been popular for a few decades.

Elmo Cut-up Cake

elmo cakesMy 2 year old grandson Bradley loves Elmo and I grew up with my mom always making us cut-up cakes of all kinds from the Bakers coconut cake book, for our birthdays. So I decided to try and do one for Bradley's 2nd birthday. All I did was bake a 13x9 sheet cake and a 6 in. round cake for his head. It took 3 cake mixes so I could get the height I wanted. Drew out a pattern of Elmo and traced it with a knife on the sheet cake, and then cut it out. For his head I just cut a half cresent out of the round cake to get that Elmo shape. Then cut 2 circle out of the left over cake pieces for his hands and 2 half circles for his feet. I had to build up the feet with a small layer of cake pieces to make them stand up higher than his legs. Then I cut a tear drop shape for his nose. I frosted him in red and covered him in red tinted coconut. Frosted his nose orange and mouth black and used marshmallows for his eye, dotted with black frosting for the pupils.They are in place with toothpicks.
Cake decorated by Jill from Bakersfield, CA

Elmo Kids Birthday Cake

elmo kids birthday cakeGrandma and grandpa ordered this cake for their little Becca!
This is a two layer 10" white cake with strawberry filling! A 6" round chocolate placed on top for the birthday girl!

I used a whipped cream icing. The borders are made with 2-toned buttercream.
You can't see around the entire cake with just one photo I have placed Elmos in different poses.

Cake decorated by Rochelle Walters from Colorado Springs, CO

Elmo Birthday Cake

elmo birthday cakeI used a white cake recipe and a 13x19 cake pan along with an Elmo mold cake pan for the top. After baking and icing the bottom layer with a buttercream icing I then placed the Elmo cake on top in the middle and used a star-point icing tip to decorate Elmo's face.
Cake decorated by Anna Taylor from Raytown, Missouri

Elmo's World Topsy Turvy Cake

elmo's world topsy turvy cakeThis was a a super fun cake to make. When I thought Elmo's World I immediately thought Topsy Turvy.
I choose to do it as a sculpted TT , I did the piano, tv and fish bowl, all easily recognizable to the birthday boy.

I started out with a sturdy cake that I knew could withstand carving and being placed on a angle.

The piano and Tv were the easiest as they are basically just a rectangle and square. The fish bowl was carved out of 3 6" round cakes.

I covered each cake in white fondant and hand painted the "crayon scribbles" with food coloring diluted with vodka.
The fish bowl was painted as well with blue food coloring.

The crayons and bows were made from gumpaste.
Elmo was sculpted form rice crispy treats and then covered in gumpaste.

The tv and fish bowl sit on foam wedges to give the falling over effect, the wedges are hidden by the bows and crayons.

Each tier is supported with bubble tea straws on the inside and a center dowel runs through the entire cake. Each tier is "glued" in place with white chocolate for extra sturdiness.

The cake looks like it's falling over but it's a sturdy as a rock.

I was very pleased with the result, it turned out exactly as I had envisioned it and the birthday boy loved it as well!

Cake decorated by Jessica from Houston

Elmo and Friends Cupcakes

elmo and friends cupcakesThese are super easy to make and the kids loved them! Bake the cupcakes without using paper liners. Then frost them upside down with a light base frosting the decorate with more frosting and marshmallow eyes and use black icing for eyeballs and mouths.
Cupcakes decorated by Maureen M from Quincy, MA

Elmo Birthday Cake

Elmo Birthday CakeThis is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. this is the 4th cake I've made, first time to carve anything!
Cake decorated by Sherry from Vidalia, LA

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