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Fire truck cakes aren't just for kids! We've even got one for a wedding. Here are a few decorating ideas to try.

Fire Truck and Wedding Cake

fire truck and wedding cakeThis was probably the most unique wedding cake I've done so far. The bride and groom were both fire fighters. She found a topper that had a fire fighter groom. The ladder was difficult to find, but finally a miniature store had a "porch railing" strip that was perfect. The fire truck is a 3-D sculpted cake, mostly made of cake squares covered in red fondant and stacked together. The windows and wheels are black fondant. The details are buttercream piping.
Cake decorated by Julie M. from Rochester, NY

Fire Truck Cake

fire truck cakeThis was two loaf tin cakes, made from a standard chocolate cake mix. one of the cakes formed the truck, the second cake was cut to make the cabin of the truck, red dyed frosting was used for the red of the truck, the windows are plain frosting. the ladder is a licorice strap cut into the shape of a ladder, the lights are hard boiled lollies. The wheels are oreos. I used life savers for the '000" on the side of the cake. The road is made of chocolate stones purchased from a lollie shop.
Cake decorated by Linda from Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Fire Truck

buttercream fire truck cakeI baked two 9X13 cakes, 1 8X8 cake, and 1 loaf cake. I stacked the cakes and used a vanilla pudding filling. I then carved them down to get the shape I wanted and to allow for additional pieces such as the light bar on top. I then frosted it in homemade butter cream colored with wilton food color. I piped all the detail by free hand. I used aluminum foil to make the center of the light bar.
Cake decorated by Samantha Bennett from California

Burning House Cake

burning house cakeI layered four 8 inch square cakes. Then, I cut the top off at an angle for the roof. I covered the cake with gray fondant. Painted the top and drew on the shingles. I used royal icing to draw the windows and create the flames. The chimney, fire truck, dalmatian, and Fire-Bunny are made from fondant. I used cotton candy for the smoke.
Cake decorated by Heather Becker from Beardstown, IL

If you've made any fire truck cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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