Food Cakes

food cakes

Food cakes are a novelty because you are attempting to make something sweet appear to be something savory. Here are some successful food theme cakes that do just that.

Pizza Cake

pizza cakeThis one was easy and fun to make. Marble sheet cake with thin layer of butter cream. I then put a roll of fondant around the top edge and covered that and the sides with flat fondant to make the crust. The "sauce" is red butter cream. I put the yellow fondant in the freezer for about 15 minutes then ran it over the cheese grater to make the "cheese". Used mostly red with a very small amount of black coloring in the fondant for the pepperoni.

This cake was a prize for my students after they won the food drive at school. The student council offered a pizza party and I threw in the cake as an added bonus.

Cake decorated by Katie from Rhode Island

Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcakes

spaghetti and meatball cupcakesI host a Back to School Pasta party every year for my daughters' new classmates. Tired of serving pizza, I thought why not do spaghetti and meatballs? I even made the dessert reflect the theme....
*vanilla cupcakes, pretty standard recipe
*ice the top with vanilla buttercream
*fill a tube (ziplock bag with a small pin hole :)) and *squeeze icing in thin tubes resembling spaghetti
melt down some strawberry jam, no seeds
*unwrap and roll "Rocher" chocolate balls in warmed and thinned out jelly. they really look like meatballs!
*place upon the "spaghetti" and use a cheese grater to top with white chocolate shavings.
Cake decorated by Clori Osso from Harrington Park, NJ

Sushi Cake

sushi cakeChocolate cake with almond icing, toasted coconut and almond filling. All Sushi elements are edible except for chopsticks.
Cake decorated by Daphne from New Port Richey

Subway Sub Cake

subway sub cakesI used 2 9x13 cakes first. I then cut away and molded the top portion of the sub "roll" with a sarated knife. I frosted the bottom portion of the cake first with frosting tinted to a yellowish "roll" color, then I added green food coloring to coconut and placed that on as the lettuce. I warmed up yellow starbursts, (10-15 sec. in microwave) rolled them out and cut them to look like a slice of cheese. I also used fruit roll ups and rolled out as well to look like tomatoes. Then configure black olives (my son's favorite)out of black licorice rope. Carefully flip the top of it onto cake. frost to look like a roll, and to finish I used clear sugar for texture on top.
I asked subway for the paper to add the finishing touch.
Cake decorated by Carrie Sarnowski from New York

T-Bone Cake

t-bone cakeThis is a Red Velvet cake baked in an 9 x 12 pan then cut to the steak image. MMF was applied and then painted with food coloring gel and lemon extract.
Made by Kim Bordeaux from Pelion, SC

Garfield and Spaghetti Cake

Garfield and spaghetti cakeThis is a birthday cake I made for my adult niece who loves Garfield the cat. I made garfield's body by sculpting (3) 6 inch round cakes and his head by sculpting (2) 4 inch round cakes. His arms and legs are made from fondant. The bowl of spaghetti was made with the wilton ball pan (use half the ball) then the cake was iced and covered in fondant. the spaghetti was made from fondant and then put through a pasta machine. the meatballs were made from cake with a small watermelon scooper and covered with brownish red fondant the spaghetti sauce was made with piping jel with a little no taste red mix in.The bowl is sitting on cake curved round like a table with fondant draping over it to mimic a table cloth. to his right side is a tiered birthday cake with one candle missing,the other candle was in the spaghetti bowl, which is what Garfield would rather have instead of cake.He has a oblong cake he is sitting on which was decorated like a present and another to his left side. The cake was a hit, she refused to cut Garfield, but they did eat the side cakes.
Decorated by Monniemon from Lansdale, PA

If you've made any food cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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