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7 football field cakes

Football field cakes seem to remain forever popular and probably will be as long as the sport remains one of America's favorite pass-times. If you're celebrating a team win, making a birthday cake or getting ready for the Super Bowl, these football ideas should give you a starting point.

football field and football cakeThis football field cake was done using a double flat sheet cake on bottom for the field. The football is a 3-D football placed on top of the field. The bottom cake is made from a white cake and the football is chocolate with a fudge filling to help hold it together. The icing was all butter cream that was hand piped on to get the look of grass.

Submitted by Barb from Niantic, Illinois


buttercream football cakeI took a football cake pan and a 9 X 1 inche cookie tray to make the field, covered the football with chocolate icing and used green buttercream for the grass. The goals are made out of white fondant and the border is Hershey's Easter eggs made into footballs by piping white lines on them. This was a fun cake and very easy for any beginner.

Submitted by Tammy Doney, Salt Lake City, Utah






buttercream football cakeThis football field cake is a 1/4 sheet cake topped with a football shaped cake.

The cake is iced with buttercream. I used a grass tip for the border. It's pretty simple for a sports fan!

Submitted by Julia from Butler, PA







Football Field and Golf Cake


golf and football cake

It is an oreo cake with buttercream frosting. This cake was made for a little boy's birthday. He asked his dad if he couldn't have the football cake then he wanted a golf cake so his dad asked me to do one side as golf and the other as football. To create the golf side, I used buttercream to make the grass, made gum paste flag poles for the holes, used cookie crumbs for the sand trap and blue buttercream with piping gel for the water, gum paste golf clubs and golf balls.

The football side is fondant painted to resemble a football blanket.




Dallas Cowboys Little League Superbowl Cake

This was one of my greatest challenges yet. I enjoyed creating this cake for a friend. Her son's little league team was heading to Superbowl and she wanted something outstanding for their party. This cake took approximately 6 hours to create. It consist of multiple layers of chocolate cake and yellow Cake.

Between each layer there was a layer of french vanilla pudding with mini chocolate chips alternated with white buttercream icing on every other layer. Once all layers were set in place, I covered the cake in a thin layer of white buttercream icing. Once iced, I placed it in the freezer to cool for a while just enough to have the icing set. I then took the cake out and covered it in a grey colored fondant.

To create the face mask, I used some wooden skewers and covered them in fondant and shaped them to create the face mask. Once completely decorated with fondant, I placed the semi-finished cake on the full sheet football field cake. The goal posts were also created with skewers and fondant. Once all the was in place, I polished off the cake by painting on the final coat to bring out the helmet even more. I was very pleased with the over all outcome since this was my first football helmet cake and it was requested one day prior. Final result...received great reviews from the player's parents and kiddos. Way to go...and yes...they did end up winning the Superbowl...way to go!


Submitted by Ileen Bocanegra from Humble, Texas

Pen State Tri-level

tri-level Pen State football field cakeThis football field cake is created with two 12" square layers; one is completely iced in buttercream. A corner square is cut from the other layer before being iced and the top is airbrushed green. The cutout square is placed to become the 3rd layer. The 3 footballs are made from gum paste with frosting sheet pictures of the teams' names. The flags are wafer paper on toothpicks; the clovers are plastic picks - the only thing that is non-edible.







New England Patriots Cake


New England Patriots CakeBeing an amateur still, I used two box cake mixes, one chocolate, one vanilla. This is a half and half cake. Once baked, I froze it overnight, to make it easier to remove from the pan as well as be easier to decorate. I then thinly coated it with plain buttercream icing to keep the crumbs from coming up onto the design. I then took a #2 round tip and drew out (yes free hand) the Patriots logo, starting with the face, then the outline. I then switched over to the #13 star tip and started piping stars inside to fill in the grey area of the face first, then the blue, then the red. I finished the logo with the white outline. I then switched to the green and filled in the playing field. I then used the #48 flat corrugated tip to pipe the red, white and blue ribbon around the sides, starting from the bottom up. Finally, using the #2 round tip again, I piped the field lines, numbers and letters onto the top to finish the design.


If you've made any football field cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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