Football Helmet Cakes

three different football helmet cakes

Football helmut cakes are a favorite among guys. If their not watching a game on television, the next best thing is having memorabilia nearby. A cake is a temporary fix sure to be appreciated.

red football helmet cakeThis red football helmet cake is made from three 8 inch round cakes and and and three 10 inch cakes. The 8 inch cakes are stacked at the bottom part of the helmet and the 10 inch are for the top part.

After stacking the 8 inch, I put a 10" circle of parchment paper on top of my 8 inch cakes and placed a 10 x 1 inch round Styrofoam disk on top of the 8 inch cakes. Then placed another 10 inch circle of parchment paper on top of the Styrofoam circle then stacked my 10 inch cakes.

I made sure my cakes were cold, spreading buttercream between each layer. I then carved the shape. I put a dowel through the top center of the cake to keep it from shifting. I dirty iced the caked with buttercream, basically I mean lightly iced. Then covered it in fondant. I first covered it inside the front then covered the rest of the cake, smoothing it out.

You can see where I added the white, that I just rolled out fondant and placed it on the cake. I didn't have time to make the face plate so I ran to the local sporting good store, (Dicks) and just bought the mask, it worked out great. Just make sure if you do that you size up the mask in front of the stacked cake so that you can eye the width making sure you are allowing enough room for covering it with fondant so that your face mask will slide on without tearing the sides of your cake. I found that spraying a little pam will also help it to slide on easier.

The stars and such are edible images that I printed out. You can make the mask out of a gum paste and fondant mix but it does take drying time.

Submitted by: Carol Merrick from Independence, MO



Vikings & Yankees Theme Football Helmet Cake


vikings and yankees theme football helmet cakeThe base of this football helmet cake started out as a sheet cake, which is covered in white fondant and navy blue fondant stripes to look like a Yankees jersey.

The second layer is a half a sheet cake covered in deep purple fondant with fondant numbers and jersey necklines and lines to match the Minnesota Vikings jersey.

It was then placed caddy cornered on top of the sheet cake. On the open corners, I sculpted fondant in the shape of a ball and bat and then the yankees logo. It also has the sports enthusiasts favorite players on both jerseys as well.

The top Vikings helmet was formed from 8" round layers piled high and I then carved out a place for the head and rounded it off. I used fondant/gum paste for the face mask and pushed it in with skewers. and decorated it with the numbers for the helmet.

Submitted by Kimberly Larrachiutta from Huntington, NY



Football Hat Cake


football hat cakeThis football hat cake is a chocolate cake covered in marshmallow fondant.

The hat was made with the Wilton Sports ball pan half. It was covered in fondant as well. It sits a top a football field sheet cake covered in green fondant with white stripes of fondant to represent the yard lines. The Cowboys messages on both ends of the cake were cut using tappits and white gum paste. The lid of the hat is simply made using the same blue fondant on the round part of the hat and cut into a semi-circle to attach to the base of the round cake.

Submitted by: Saluna from Kennewick, WA

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