Fresh Fruit Cake Decorating

fresh fruit cake decorating ideas

Fresh fruit cake decorating themes refer to cakes decorated with fresh fruit, not filled with fruit. These creative ideas are great for summer time barbecues and summer month birthdays. While you can decorate with frozen fruit, the fruit just never looks the same. Make the most of summer's bounty and enjoy fresh fruit on your cakes while the fruit is at its peak in your area.

Berry Bonanza

berry bonanza cakeThe cake was made with the theme of decorating it with fresh raspberries. The cake is covered with white butter cream icing and raspberries are kept at random positions and connected to each other with green vines of butter cream.The leaves are made of fondant.Red sparkles are spread over the fresh raspberries to give a glitter look.
Submitted by Latha from Stamford,CT

Summer Lovin' Fresh Fruit Cake

summer lovin fresh fruit cakeThis Summer Lovin' Cake was made of two layers of cake yellow and strawberry angel food and rice krispie treats on the bottom. Cone holes were cut then it was frosted. I added large waffle cones and then filled them with fresh fruit. I put some lemon zest to finish it off. Add some nuts and it will make this cake awesome. This was made to raise money for our school it was auctioned off for $13. Very easy to make!
Submitted by Jordana from Acton, California


Chocolate Strawberry Fudge Cake

chocolate strawberry fudge cakeI did this 3 tiered cake for a school fundraiser where they were going to auction off desserts. Each round tier was dark chocolate cake iced in chocolate buttercream. The tops were completely covered in fresh strawberries and fudge icing was dripping down the sides. There were chocolate swirls accenting each tier for added interest. I heard later it was a big hit at the event!
Submitted by Julie M from Rochester, NY

If you've done any fresh fruit cake decorating, please submit your cakes to our gallery.

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