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Here are some girls baby shower cakes submitted by visitors to this site that include angels, bows, booties, peas in a pod and bottles.

Baby Girl's Cake

baby girl's cakeThis baby girl's cake was made with a 12" petal pan, and was covered and decorated with fondant icing.

First, a 16" cake board was covered in white fondant. The fondant was embossed with a baby feet impression mat. The same mat was used for the fondant that covers the cake.

The sides of the cake feature a pink fondant ruffle. The peaks of the ruffles are all covered with a fondant flower. Below the ruffle peaks are additional fondant decorations. These were made in a mold. There is a bear, blocks, and a train and they were made in purple and yellow fondant. More fondant flowers adorn the edge of the cake board.

The booties were made with gum paste which can last for a very long time if well kept. The gum paste was also embossed with the baby feet impression mat. Thin white ribbon acts as the shoe laces on the gum paste booties.
I made it for my friend's baby shower.

Baby Dress Cake

baby dress cakeThis baby dress cake is a heart cake that was covered in pink fondant and placed on a pink fondant covered cake board. The baby dress and shoes were also made from fondant.

The cake board is a heart shaped cake board which is a few inches larger than the cake. Roll out pink fondant to 1/8 thick and apply to the cake board which has been lightly greased with shortening. Smooth the fondant on and trim away the excess with a knife. Create a finished look by gluing a pink ribbon all along the outer edge of the cake board. The little flowers all along the edge of the cake board were made in fondant with a small flower punch cutter.

The two layer heart cake was filled, frosted and covered in pink fondant. Then the baby dress was created by cutting a dress shape from fondant. Small buttons were added to the top and painted with gold food coloring. The edges of the dress were all painted with a mixture of gold food coloring and vodka.

The collar of the baby dress was given the ruffle detail by using a ruffling tool all along the edge.

The baby dress cake was too pretty to eat.

Submitted by Mariela Deliarte from San Jose', Costa Rica

Baby in a Pea Pod Cake

baby is a pea pod cakeThis baby in a pea pod cake was made by first base icing two 10" round cakes with pink buttercream icing. I used white buttercream for the border, the bottom border is a shell, the top border is an alternating shell. Both borders were done with tip #21.

I piped green buttercream vines with tip #4, and leaves tip #352. I also piped 3 green peas on the bottom border with tip #14.

For the pea pod I used Wilton's ready-to-use fondant that I dyed green. Then I rolled it out until it was about 1/4 inch think. I cut out a leaf shape. I then pinched the ends together to form a pod shape. I allowed this to dry overnight.

For the peas I made two balls out of green fondant.

For the baby I colored the fondant ball with copper gel paste. I used a toothpick dipped in the copper color to dot on the eyes. I used a toothpick to draw on the nose.

For the pacifier and bow, I used fondant I colored pink. I cut out a small circle for the base of the pacifier. I formed a thin rope and made a loop for the rest of the pacifier. I also used rope to form the bow. I secured the pacifier and bow to the baby by dabbing a small amount of water on each piece and then placing on the baby's face.

I placed the baby and the peas inside the pod, and then placed the entire pod on the vines.

Submitted by Rachel Franklin from Lexington, KY

My Girl Baby Shower Cake

my girl baby shower cakeThe cake is a half sheet cake half chocolate and half white cake covered in my homemade buttercream icing the baby I made from a coloring page and royal icing.
I made this for my niece's baby shower.
Submitted by Christina Patterson from Mineral Point, MO

Peas in a Pod Cake

peas in a pod cakeThe peas in a pod cake was made with chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. The icing is all Marshmallow Fondant, the flowers, peas, pod and baby are all made of fondant.

It's just like playing with Playdough.
I broke it down into pieces, so 5 days before the baby shower I made the flowers and set them in the curved plastic flower holders for them to dry. I then made the baby, pea pod and peas. The pod was an oval piece of fondant pinched at the ends and then I made little waves in the sides to make it look a little more realistic.

If you make this cake make sure that the bottom of the pod doesn't stick!! I had to start over a couple of days later and it wasn't quite as dry as I would have liked. The baby is just a round ball piece for the head and a round flat piece for the hair. The body is an oval, no other shapes (no arms/legs as it would be hidden anyway.) The blanket is a square and is wrapped around the baby and then inserted into the pod.

Once the cake is covered in your fondant, go ahead and place everything on it in a way that you like. I had to fool around with it a bit, but liked the finished product.

Submitted by Penny from Ottawa, Canada

Bootie and Rattle Baby Shower Cake

bootie and rattle baby shower cakeThis booties and rattle baby shower cake is a single tier, 12" cake frosted in white buttercream. The ribbon is simply tied around the side of the cake. The booties,rattles and footprint decorations are pressure piped in purple, yellow and green colored buttercream icing. The bottom border is done in a shell and the top border is a reverse shell design. The message is piped in buttercream icing and surrounded by a circle of piped buttercream dots.

Only a few different piping tips are required to make this cake: a star tip for the shell borders, a #3 tip for writing and a large round tip for pressure piping.

Submitted by Lori Kenney

Bottles and Bows Cake

bows and ribbons cakeGum paste bows and baby, chocolate baby bottle.
Submitted by Debbie Remon from Cary, NC

Blanket and Bottle Shower Cake

blanket and bottle shower cakeThis blanket and bottle shower cake was a 2 tier cake, one butter vanilla and the other chocolate. Both were filled with buttercream icing. After the crumb coat, I covered them with marshmallow fondant.

I also made the pink ribbons, roses and the blanket out of MM fondant. Along the edge of the ribbon border, I used the stitching wheel along the edge to make it look like real ribbon.

I made the bottle, booties and rattles out of chocolate using a chocolate mold set.

The ribbon roses were created by rolling out pink fondant thin, cutting out a rectangle, folding it in half length-wise and rolling it up. Begin by rolling it up tightly to create the closed petal look in the center. Then bunch the fondant towards the bottom as you roll it. When the ribbon rose is large enough, break off the excess fondant and pinch off excess from the bottom. Places a group of 3 ribbon roses together on the cake and add a fondant leaf.

The pink baby blanket on the top is just a rectangular piece of fondant that was rolled with a quilting embosser to create the look of a baby quilt.
It was a fun cake and mommy to be was thrilled.

Submitted by Amanda from Sanger, TX

Sleeping Angel Cake

sleeping angel cakeThis sleeping angel cake consists of a single 9" tier topped with a gum paste angel. I wanted to make a cake for a baby girl that showed how angelic she is.

First, the frosted cake was covered with a pale pink fondant.

The angel was made several days in advance. The pink blanket hides most of her body, so the body was just formed with a piece of fondant shaped larger at one end than the other. The larger part serves as the baby's behind. The wings were made with royal icing and allowed to dry. The baby's head is flesh colored gum paste, the details added with a gum paste tool. Brown gum paste was rolled out and cut to look like hair and attached to the baby's head with gum glue. A small flower cutter was used to make the flower on top of the baby's head. Once the baby was dry, it was placed on the cake and pink fondant was draped over the baby's body. The wings were attached with royal icing and supported with paper towels until dry.

The white poofs around the baby's body are supposed to be clouds. They are piped with a round tip in royal icing. The same tip is used to pipe the round dot border around the base of the cake.

Along the side of the sleeping angel cake are alternating clouds and stars. The clouds are just piped with the same round tip mentioned above. The stars were cut using a star cutter out of yellow fondant.

Submitted by Imelda Andiani from Jakarta, Indonesia

Alternative Girl's Baby Shower Cake

alternative girl's baby shower cakeThis alternative baby shower cake was made with black fondant covering the top tier to cover the diaper. Letters were made by cut outs. The rest was Iced in gray. The tier started out as a square and then cuts were made from two corners to create the shape of a diaper.

The bottom of the cake was iced in gray, I used black hot pink and white circle cut outs in different sizes and placed them on before I put the top layer on. I cut out the skulls by hand and drew the face with edible marker. The border was red m&m's.

This was done for my husband's cousin who is a fashion designer, great fun to do!

Submitted by Daphne from New Port Richey, FL

If you've made any girls baby shower cakes, please submit them to our gallery,

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