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Here are a variety of golf cakes for the sportsman in your family varying from golf cart cakes, golf bag cakes, golphers and golf courses.

The Golpher and the Gopher

golpher and gopher cakeThis cake was a 2 tiered cake. Both tiers were butter cake -  the 1st tier had buttercream filling the 2nd tier had chocolate fudge filling. For the first tier, I used a lasagna pan, covered the cake in moss green fondant. The 2nd tier, I used the middle sized paisley pan from Wilton. I covered it in moss green fondant but also added leaf green fondant to the putting green area. The golfer and the gopher are both hand made of gum paste.  For the grass, I used royal icing and the grass tip for piping. For the sand trap, I used a mixture of brown sugars. I placed small golf balls around the cake for decoration. The gopher is popping out of the ground and is mad about the golpher!
Cake decorated by Lisa Yanoschak from Toms River, New Jersey

Golf Bag Cake

golf bag cakeI hand carved madeira cake filled with vanilla buttercream into shape then coated it with sugar paste and added all the trim details. Clubs were made from wooden cake dowels painted silver & shaped sugar paste heads. Golf balls were sugar paste.
Cake decorated by Jackie Reece from UK

Golf Bag and Clubs Cake

golf bag and clubs cakeGolf clubs are gum paste on wooden dowels, gum paste decorations and the rest is cake!
Cake decorated by Debbie Remond from Cary, NC

Golf/Navy Retirement Cake

This cake is a homemade strawberry cake with lemon curd buttercream filling, covered with homemade marshmallow fondant. I baked two layers of 18x10 inch sheet cakes and stacked them with the lemon buttercream in between. I then carved cut off the corners and rounded them. Then I crumb coated the cake and let it chill in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Then put the final coating of icing on, rolled out the fondant and covered the cake! Then I airbrushed the cake green. I made the trees from the fondant by making a cone with a skewer going through the middle. I took a pair of scissors and snipped around the trees to make all the points. I sculpted the sailor from fondant as well and hand painted his uniform with black food coloring. The sand pit was made from light brown sugar. I tinted some butter cream green and piped some grass onto the cake with the Wilton's grass piping tip. Walla, you have the cake.

Cake decorated by Sonja Cadovius Naples, Italy Navy Base

Golf Cart Cake

golf cart cakeGolf cart is hand sculpted and covered in fondant. Black areas were "painted" with food coloring mixed with vodka. Wheels, golf bags, golf clubs and steering wheel were sculpted out of fondant, also "painted". Top of cart is fondant, supported with sucker sticks. Decal is edible paper/wafer paper. Board was covered with marbleized fondant, bushes hand sculpted and flowers cut from fondant. Sand trap is brown sugar. Golf shoes were made using a mold and fondant. Entire car is airbrushed with pearlized mist.


Cake decorated by Lin from Spring Lake, MI

Mini Golf Birthday Cake

mini golf birthday cakeI baked a 10in round banana cake, torted and filled it with white chocolate butter cream. I placed it on a 12in square cake board.

Before I baked the cake I had googled for mini golf courses and found some images of mini golf hole designs which looked very much like the letters of the birthday girl's name. I made some templates and prepared to decorate the cake.

I colored some MM fondant an pale brown and used a brick impression mat to make it look like a wall. I cut a strip high enough and long enough to cover right around the side of the cake. I then colored some MM fondant green and rolled it out to a diameter of approximately 12 inches. I used the pointed end of a leave shaped cutter to create the 'grass like' edge and placed the green icing on the top of the cake.

I used the templates i made earlier and cut out the base of each mini golf hole from a bright green MM fondant and placed them in order on the cake securing them with a damp brush. I used the templates a second time to cut some more of the pale brown fondant to make the course hole edges and stuck these in place with a little water too. I used the back of a knife to make imprints in the edges to make them look like blocks or bricks.

I used the end of a paint brush to make the holes and made some mini golf clubs and balls out of MM fondant too. I also made some different colored flags using fondant and dried spaghetti and placed one at each hole. I cut small circles of light brown fondant and cut these in half to make the paths between the course holes. I finished with bright colored lettering and flowers.

Submitted by Suzette Toms Auckland, New Zealand

Tee Time Cake

tee time golf cakeThe tee time golf cake is made with two round tiers iced in buttercream and stacked. The blue is painted with green buttercream hills. The Flags are fondant. The lower golf balls are chocolate. The tees are hand made out of gum paste. The top golf ball is cake made from the ball pan and covered in fondant. I used the end of a paint brush to get the dimple look in the ball.

You can create grass on the green and around the golf ball with the grass tip using green buttercream icing. Just pipe vertically to the cake, pull up and release.

Cake decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

If you've decorated any golf cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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