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Here are a mix of regular, electric, Guitar Hero and Hannah Montana guitar cakes, offering several different decorating ideas for the musician with a birthday.

Hannah Montana Guitar Cake

Hannah Montana Guitar CakeI cut out a guitar shape from a 3 in sheet pan. Cut out some fondant pieces. covered the guitar in buttercream icing. I used cake board to cut out the shaft of the guitar, using icing as strings. Left over cake for the handle of the guitar.
Cake decorated by Crystal from Wilmington, Delaware

Guitar Hero Cake

Guitar Hero cakeI used a 9x13 sheet pan and cut my design out. I frosted it with black buttercream icing, yellow and red for the flame. I used different color melting chocolate to make the colors on the arm of the guitar. For the sign with name and Guitar Hero logo I used white and milk chocolate melting chocolate.
Decorated by Sheila Daniel from Dudley, GA

21st Bass Guitar Cake

21st bass guitar cakeThe bass guitar cake is a chocolate devils food cake with chocolate buttercream icing. It was made by baking a sheet cake which was then cut in half and stacked. I downloaded an accurate template of the particular guitar (fender p bass)and then just carved out the shape, crumb coated and then covered with brown fondant.

I used an airbrush for the main body color to match the color of the birthday boys guitar. Couldn't find anything convincing and edible for the strings so I ended up using floral wire. (It's very difficult to get strings of fondant thin enough and lining them up perfectly straight is a challenge. The floral wire also allowed for the strings to be strung and elevated from the cake as they would be in real life).

The dials and strets are fondant that was painted silver with silver powdered food color and vodka.

Decorated by Simon from Lincoln, UK

Guitar Hero Cake

white guitar hero cakeMy brother is very into guitar hero, so I decided to make him a cake for his birthday. I started out by using a 12x18 inch cake pan. I then took pieces of cardboard and made a template of the shapes I needed for the guitar. I made it in two sections. After cutting the shapes, I placed them together then started frosting! I used plain white decorator's frosting then colored the frosting with Wilton's gel coloring to make all the little details! Thanks for looking.

Cake decorated by Brittany S. from Hoquiam, WA

Girl's Guitar Cake

girl's guitar cakeI made this Hannah Montana guitar cake for niece’s 6th birthday. It’s hand cut from two chocolate 9x13 cakes. (I used a shaving method until it looked to be the right shape.) The cake is decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant that is attached with homemade butter cream frosting. I punched out the circles with decorating tools and the guitar strings are pull and peel twizzlers. It took me about 2 hours to make; not including baking time. My niece loved it!
Decorated by Tish Reed from Brighton, CO

Black Guitar Hero Cake

black guitar hero cakeI made a pattern of a Guitar, cut it from an 11x15 inch cake covered it with Butter cream frosting, covered that with home made fondant then added details.
Cake decorated by Victoria Vaux from Wilson, NY

Electric Guitar Cake

electric guitar cakeThis cake was made for a friend's birthday party. I drew the guitar shape on a piece of foil to make a sort of stencil and then carved the frozen cake in the shape of the "foil stencil". The cake is frosted with buttercream (this was before I started covering with fondant, if i could do it again i'd definitely use fondant) and the knobs, frets, etc. are made of fondant or gum paste. It was very large, practically full-sized...good times :)
Cake decorated by Allie Culbertson from Los Angeles, CA

Dragon Guitar Cake

dragon guitar cakeCut out of 1/2 sheet cake
Cake decorated by Erin McLees from Wisconsin

Camouflage Guitar Cake

camouflage guitar cakeI baked sheet cakes and carved the guitar. I used marblized fondant for the base and to cover the guitar and guitar neck. I used fondant to make the guitar neck and tuning parts. Then I poked fishing wire into the base of the cake all the way to the top of the neck for strings. My mom helped me make this cake and we had a great time.
Decorated by Heather from Ukiah

Rock Star Guitar

rock star guitar cakeBake 2 rectangle sheet cakes. (I don't use fondant as most people don't like the taste. Using regular icing is much better)I added food color to make it more interesting when you sliced the cake. One purple, one lime green.

Sheet 1 - cut out the guitar body shape.
Sheet 2 - cut out the neck/fret section of the guitar.

I used white icing and added food color to separate icing containers.

The black lines for the strings was just some squeezed tube icing with the small round tip.

This was my FIRST "theme" cake to make and I really don't cook/bake ever. It turned out VERY tasty and everyone loved it.
The most compliments was on the creativity by NOT using fondant and it being that much more enjoyable/original.

The over all length was over 2 feet and width was about 11 inches.
It would have been better had I bought one of those large spreading/icing knives. I just used a plastic spatula...again...I don't really cook or bake.

Cake decorated by Jana Mills from Burleson, TX

If you've decorated any guitar cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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