Gumball Machine Cakes

gumball machine cakes

Gumball machine cakes bring back memories of getting a gum ball for a penny. While that's far from reality now, they still make great novelty cake themes.

Gumball Machine

gumball machine cakeI made this for my son's 8th birthday.
I baked 3 6" round cakes and two half-circle cakes using 7" & 9" pyrex bowls (I didn't have two the same size, but it works fine!). I popped them in the freezer overnight after cooling them out of the molds to make it easier to carve my desired shapes.
I used a basic buttercream frosting recipe and tinted about 2/3 of it blue. I stacked the three 6" pieces with buttercream between the layers and frosted the cylinder blue. I trimmed down a 6" cardboard cake support disc to fit right inside the top piece and held it in place with 3 8" wilton lollipop sticks trimmed to fit right to the edge of the cardboard disc, and then I inserted a wooden skewer in the center that extended a few inches above the disc. I placed the smaller bowl shape right side up ontop of the cardboard and the larger one inverted on top of that and frosted them white. I just used a cup to cut out two small rounds for the very top blue part - if I do this again, I'd just bake a cupcake along with the other pieces and trim it down though. I then piped on some blue trim. I took a little of the white frosting and tinted it grey, made a thick layer on wax paper and popped it in the freezer. When it was hard, I carved out a little "coin slot" and stuck a gold coin on it. I used the remaining icing to stick on gumballs half way up the globe part, and spilling out the register of the gumball machine. My son was super surprised for his party!
Cake decorated by Lisa Trett from Camillus, NY

Gumball Machine Cake

red gumball machine cakeI used the Wilton ball pan and the Wilton Doll pan. I used my own pound cake recipe and baked my 3 cakes as normal I iced them and I used white fondant to cover my ball cake I used red to cover the doll part of the cake. I also cut the doll cake to make a sturdy base for the ball part of the cake. I used an inch fondant cutter to make different "gumballs" I used a paint brush and used water to "paint" the back of each "gumball" for them to stick to the base. I am a horrible teacher sorry but I hope you get the point of it all.
Cake decorated by Millicent Cagle from Memphis, TN

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