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Here are some cute and ghoulish Halloween cakes and cupcakes for your next celebration.

Trick or Treat Cake

trick or treat cakeThis was a 9" layer trick or treat Spice Cake with Buttercream Frosting for Halloween, covered in fondant, all the ghosts and the witch flying over the moon are made of fondant. TFL

To make the witch plaque, cut out a circle of fondant and adhere it to a cake circle. The witch siloutte pattern is laid over black fondant and trimmed out with an exacto blade. Then adhere it to the yellow circle with a bit of water. The ghosts get their look by draping white fondant over an oval piece of fondant. You can place a skewer into the ghosts to stick them into the cake.

Cake decorated by Mary Jo Ter Meer from Chino Hills, CA

Jack O' Lantern Cakes

jack o' lantern cakesThese were individual size jack o lantern cakes I did for Halloween. I used my small ball pan to make the basic pumpkin shape, and then I used extra orange icing to build up the shape. I piped orange stars and lines to give the pumpkin look, and added the funny faces for the kids! They also have a brown woody stem and green leaves at the top.
Cakes decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Casket Cake

casket cakeThis was made using a double layer of 9" x 13" cake. I carved the casket shape and iced it with a layer of buttercream. I put it in the refrigerator until it was well chilled.

Two days ahead of time, I colored fondant gray and cut out even strips. I arranged them on a cookie sheet lined with wax or parchment paper and straightened them so they would dry straight. I also ran a toothpick down them to add a wood texture.

After the cake was chilled, I cut the fondant strips into "planks" and attached them to the cake using a little buttercream. When the sides and top were done, I cut a few planks in half lengthwise and placed them vertically to cover the seams. I attached them using royal icing so it would dry hard and be a little sturdier.

At that point, I ran out of fondant panels so I used a tip #3 to pipe a small beaded border on the to and bottom edges of the cake. But if you have enough panels left you can cut them in half and use them to cover the seams on the borders of the cake.

The daisies were made the day ahead using Wilton's daisy cutters. I used a little white food coloring and a paintbrush to paint the casket and give it an aged look.

I recommend keeping the cake in the fridge until an hour or so before you need it. That will keep the buttercream and decorations firm.

Cake decorated by Janell Smith from Louisiana

Halloween Friends Cupcakes

Halloween friends cupcakesI got the idea for these fun guys out of some different Wilton Yearbooks with Halloween cakes. I used different colored icings to frost them smooth, as the base coat, and then piped the details on top. For the yellow moon and Frankenstein hair, and the werewolf fur, I used a star tip. They turned out a lot more fun than scary! :-)
Cupcakes decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

If you've decorated any Halloween cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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