Hamburger Cakes

hamburger and cheeseburger cakes

If you've got a burger lover amongst you, hamburger cakes make the ideal birthday cake. Here are a few different takes on the popular American food.

Slider Cupcakes

slider cupcakesFirst you make a batch of chocolate cupcakes and one batch of vanilla cupcakes. DO NOT use a cupcake line. Kust spray your pans with cooking spray. After your cupcakes are cooled. Cut all your vanilla cupcakes in half. Then cut about 1/2 in of the bottom of your chocolate cupcakes off. Now you are ready to asemble. Make sure you have white, green, and red icing mixed up.
Take one bottom of a vanilla cupcake and then put a dab of icing. Then on top of that put the chocolate cupcake that you cut on top (this will be your burger). Then get a icing bag ready with a leaf icing tip and start icing the top of your burger. Make it look like lettuce. Then get a icing bag of red icing ready and put a round tip on it. Make it look like ketchup on top of the lettuce.You can do any condiments in any order!! Now your ready to put the top of your bun on(the top of your vanilla cupcake). Now I just put little dabs of white icing to look like sesame seeds. Enjoy!
Decorated by Sheena Orames from Bruceville, IN

Cheeseburger Deluxe Cake

cheeseburger deluxe cakeThe top and bottom "bun" was baked in the Betty Crocker Bake-n-fill pan, it was the perfect shape. For the top bun I only filled the large pan with about 1 1/2" of batter. The "patty" is baked in a normal 8" round pan.
The buns are yellow cake and the patty is chocolate, when you cut into it it looks like a real burger.
It is decorated with marshmallow fondant.
The patty is iced with whipped ganache and I used the back of an off-set spatula to give texture. All the fixings are handmade with fondant, the lettuce and tomatoes are painted with food coloring to give detail.
The mustard and ketchup is colored butter cream.
Decorated by Jessica from Texas

Cheeseburger Cake

cheeseburger cakeThis cheeseburger cake is made from scratch with fresh ingredients. It is a chocolate banana cake. It tastes as good as it looks.
Decorated by Julie from Oceanside, CA

Hamburger Cake

hamburger cakePickles were made using 3/4 of a cup of fresh apple syrup my wife made, but any juice will work, add coloring to make green, chill a cylinder, we used a 1/2 cup metal measuring cup, add one packet of gelatin to the juice. Once done, pour into the 1/2 cup or cylinder and chill.  Then slice into pickle sized thickness.  We cooked two 10" sponge cakes (we used the "Cake Boss" recipe, but were not to pleased with how dense it turns out even though the flavor was very good) and we made 1, 12" brownie from a box (next time we will make from scratch) and trimmed to the outside of the 10" diameter cake pan to make the patty.  Make sure one cake is domed, and level the other one for the bottom.  Frost the bottom cake with buttercream then airbrush the frosting brown to look like a burger bun.   We then put cream cheese frosting to look like mayonnaise and act as a filling, reserve some of the frosting for catsup and mustard decoration.  The brownie was placed on top of the bun at this point.  Some fondant was rolled out and colored to look like cheese and placed on top of the brownie.  Wax paper was placed up top of the cheese and the top bun was then put on top of the wax paper and frosted and airbrushed. We chilled the cake between crumb coats and final frosts to keep the frosting firm.  After the top bun has been decorated remove wax paper, carefully lift the top cake edges and slide the pickles under leaving enough of the pickle out for decoration.  Sort some rice crispy cereal and place on bun top as sesame seeds, pipe the catsup and mustard frosting around the cake, some extra buttercream frosting was colored to look like lettuce and piped around the edge of the top bun also.  Enjoy
Cake decorated by Robert Driver from Sweet Home, Oregon

If you've decorated any hamburger cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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