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Haunted house cakes are sure to be the hit of any Halloween party. Here are three terrific designs you can try.

Spooky Mansion Cake

spooky mansion cakeThe spooky mansion cake has one tier cake covered in gray buttercream with a spooky cake mansion covered in fondant in a graveyard with gumpaste ghosts, bats and spiders.

There are several different elements to this cake. The buttercream is patterned to look like stones. On the top of the bottom layer, you have a black fondant tree that has been formed with fondant over wire. The black fence is done in gum paste. The pumpkins are orange fondant with the faces drawn with a black food coloring pen and topped with green fondant stems. The dirt is actually ground chocolate cookies. The cobblestone path is grey fondant. Just roll out balls of grey fondant and flatten them. The idea is to make them look natural, so they don't all have to be the same size.

The mansion is cake covered in grey colored fondant and the bricks are etched in. Then you can make the bricks look more like stone by dusting them with charcoal lustre dust. The spider webs are simply piped with white royal icing. The gingerbread style shingles are cut out fondant circles that are applied so they are slightly overlapping. The window, doors and other details are just shaped in fondant and applied to the cake.

back of spooky mansion cake headstones on spooky mansion cake
Cake decorated by Maria Gabriella Rossi-Fedele from Maracaibo, Edo. Zulia, Venezuela

Halloween Haunted House Cake

halloween haunted house cakeI made this cake for my child's 10th birthday. It took about one week to make all the windows and doors; they needed time to sit and dry. The cake itself is white and chocolate layers with buttercream frosting. The windows and doors were made with royal icing.
Cake decorated by Charity Mahoney from Lake Oswego, Oregon

Halloween Haunted House

halloween haunted house cakeThis Halloween house cake was a fun cake to make. Each section of the house is a 2 layer cake. The top is Yellow cake. The Middle is marbled and the bottom section is chocolate. the ground portion of the cake is marbled as well.

The house is frosted with tinted buttercream. The windows and door are made from chocolate. The trees, ghosts and tombstones are made from fondant. The front gates are made from cocoa krispies. I piped the spider webs with buttercream. I purchased various candies for decorations and finished it off with autumn leaves sprinkles.

Cake decorated by Chris Hoxley from Huntly, IL

If you've made any haunted house cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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