Hi Ratio Shortening vs. Crisco

hi ratio shortening

If you haven't already heard, hi-ratio shortening is the way to go for smoother, less greasy buttercream icing.

In years past, Crisco was a staple in the cake decorator's pantry. Recent laws banning the use of trans-fat in all foods has created a dilemma for cake decorators.

The "bad" trans-fat found in the old Crisco formula is what made the buttercream so good. The new formula leaves a greasy feeling in your mouth.

So, what's the difference between the two! High ratio shortening contains more emulsifiers than the new Crisco formula, allowing it to combine with more sugar and liquid before breaking down. Buttercream made with hi ratio shortening taste much smoother and creamier.

You can find hi ratio shortening online. The brand name is Sweetex and it's available at Kitchenkrafts.com. It costs more than Crisco, but recipes made with it require less shortening. Use 2/3 cup of high ratio shortening for every 1 cup called for in the icing recipe.

The less expensive route would be to find a store brand that contain trans-fat. Walmart's shortening does. Check the labels of your grocery store's brand. While the taste in not as desirable as that of buttercream made with the hi ratio shortening, brands containing trans-fat will be just as good in icing as Crisco's old formula was.

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