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Here are a few hockey cakes for some sports-like fun without losing teeth. Displaying the jersey and other clothing are typical hockey cake decorations.

Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

toronto maple leafs cakeThis was made from 2 - 9" chocolate rounds, filled with chocolate butter cream. The cake is covered and decorated with fondant in white and royal blue. A leaf cutter was used for the logo on top, only the cutter was too small, so I used a straight knife cutter, to cut a half and inch OUTSIDE the cutter. You have to be careful not to press on the leaf cutter, as you don't want the leaf print to appear on your finished leaf. The writing was all done in royal icing. I always start from the middle and finish the words on that line, then work backwards from the middle to the front. That way placement of the words turns out pretty good. The rope trim was done with white and blue rolled together, then twisted to get the stripped look. ... and thats it! A Toronto Maple Leafs Cake :)

Cake decorated by by Gail Taylor from Halifax, Nova Scotia

NHL Hockey Cake

nhl hockey cakeThis was a sheet cake, everything was made from fondant. Covered the top of the cake with a layer of piping gel to give a look of ice.
Cake decorated by Debbie Hughes from Calgary, Alberta Canada

Hockey/Ice Skating Cake

hockey ice skating cakeI made the ice skates out of rice crispy treats and covered with fondant. The ice platform is chocolate cake with fondant decoration and dried Buttercream frosting for the ice shavings. The pucks are maroon and gold inside to match the school colors requested by the customer and they are also covered with fondant.
skate cake hockey skates
Cake decorated by Heidi Paulette from Saco, ME  


If you've decorated any hockey cakes, please submit them to our gallery,

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