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Jungle cakes are great for kids because they can feature all their favorite animals. Here are several different takes on the theme.

Charlie Mae's 1st Birthday Jungle Safari Cake

charlie mae's 1st birthday jungle safari cakeCharlie Mae's Auntie Jen made this delicious cake for her 1st Birthday party. This cake was made with yellow cake and fresh strawberry filling. It was decorated with non-dairy whipped icing, a safari edible cake image, and zebra stripes made of sugar around all the sides.
Cake decorated by Jen Bett from Southern California

Jungle Love Cake

jungle love cakeThis is a 4 tier chocalate and banana birthday cake with banana cream and chocolate truffle filling. I just mixed 1 box of banana jello pudding mix in each white cake recipe to get a rich banana flavor. Mix chocolate truffle hot cocoa mix in buttercrean to get chocolate filling and add more butter to get texture you like. I frosted all tiers a different color: 2 green and 2 blue and assembled cake. Most of the decorating was done at the party location. I bought small plastic animals at a craft store, and made tree trunks out of chocolate fondant. I made the trees, vines,and leaves first and put the toys on last. Make sure you buy toys that are non toxic and safe for food use. This cake was well received and drew a large crowd. Many photos were taken. This cake was for a relative and they loved it.
Cake decorated by Kelly Boyer from Rockwood, MI

Birthday Jungle Cakes

jungle cakes with monkey and elephantI made this jungle cake(s) for my son's 1st birthday as I wanted it to be special - I made two cakes as I realised too late that the characters were too large for only one cake! The first cake was a citrus Madeira cake and the second one was a mud cake. I then "joined" the cakes together by having the birthday boys name on there. All the character animals were created using fondant .. unfortunately the lion had an "accident" after the birthday boy wanted to hug it. I made all the different animals after viewing how to tutorials on the internet and knowing that my little boy was crazy for them (the animals not the fondant). My little boy still wants to see the animals that sit in our cabinet every morning....thank goodness they are not as fragile now :) Thanks to all who contributed and thanks for looking - comments are welcome!
Cake decorated by Mirella Faccioni from Melbourne, Australia

Jungle Animal Cupcakes

Jungle animal cupcakesThese little guys are piped directly onto cupcakes iced in green buttercream. I use round (large or small) tips to make the basic body shapes and then add the details. For the tiger markings I dipped a toothpick into black gel food color and swiped it through his coat. As a finishing touch I added green grass.
Cupcakes decorated by Julie M from Rochester, NY

Animal Friends 1st Birthday Cake

animal friends 1st birthday cakeThis animal friends first birthday cake was for my son's 1st birthday and I am very proud of how it came out. It is 3 tiers, sizes 10", 8" and 6". The bottom tier was 2 layers of chocolate cake with 1 layer of almond cake in the middle, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream.
The middle tier was pumpkin cake, frosted and filled with spiced buttercream. And the top tier was vanilla cake, dyed rainbow colors, filled and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

All tiers were 3 layers of cake to get the height I needed/wanted. The top layer of cake, I carved at a slant, then flipped the “wedge” of cake over and attached it with more frosting. This gave the top of the cake a steeper angle. Then, using a cardboard round as a guide, I carved out a circle the size of the tier above each tier. Once I had a nice hollow for my next tier to sit in, I frosted each tier and covered with Marshmallow Fondant.

gum paste giraffeI stacked the tiers, using dowels as support and embellished the bottom tier with orange, green and blue stripes (cut free hand with a wheel cutter) made of marshmallow fondant. The top tier was embellished with orange, green and yellow marshmallow fondant “dots” cut with the small and large circle cutters from Wilton’s 3 piece set. I put a royal icing “vine” boarder on the bottom tier, where it met my foil covered cake board.

The remaining decorations (leaves, vines, figures, letters and number “1) are made from gum paste. I printed the name and number “1” from my computer in a font I liked and used it as a template. I free formed the figures.

gum paste lion gum paste elephant
Cake decorated by Renee from New Hampshire  

Jungle Safari 3rd Birthday Cake

jungle safari cakeThis is a three tier cake: bottom tier chocolate with banana filling, middle tier... I can remember the flavor cake with banana filling, top tier lemon cake with buttercream filling.  I used yellow fondant for the background for the giraffe tier and dusted it with bronze luster dust to make it a bit less "yellow". I cut up a sheet of scrapbooking paper that had giraffe print and used the spots as patterns for the brown fondant.  I used Wilton's sugar sheets for the zebra, but boy wouldn't do that again.  Will just freehand my own black stripes!  Top layer is green fondant dusted with a dark green luster dust to make it a little less "green"!  The pretzel rod palm tree gave me fits and you'll see I only had one and half trees left come photo time!  I freehand painted the leopard spots on the 3 using luster dust and vodka.  Frustration aside, my son loved it!
Cake decorated by Chrystal Hilderbrand from Jasper, TX

Evan's Safari Cake

Evan's safari cakeMy daughter-in-law came to me with a picture she found on the internet of a cake she wanted,(I don't know who to thank for the idea) and we started from there, changing the animals to match those on the party supplies she had bought.
The bottom cake is a two-layer 10-inch chocolate cake, and the top cake is a two-layer 8-inch sour cream white cake. The cakes were filled and frosted with buttercream.

The work on the fondant animals started several days before the cake was assembled. The purple elephant, lavender hippo, giraffe, and tiger were formed around plastic column supports. Painting of features was done with paste color and vodka, or edible markers.

The monkey on top was just molded from a large ball of fondant, with no other internal support.
I also made cupcakes decorated with miniatures of the animals' heads, also made from fondant.

Cake decorated by H.J. from Springfield, KY

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