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Ladybug cakes are great for little girls' birthdays. Here are a variety submitted by visitors to this site.

Pink Ladybugs

pink ladybug cakeTo make the pink ladybugs cake, I used double layered round cakes for the main cake.

The bottom was vanilla, top chocolate, each covered with butter cream frosting which was given the ribbed effect by using a decorating comb in an upwards direction.

I topped the cake with a giant lady bug, carved out of foam and covered it with gum paste. The ladybug's back has 6 white spots that were cut with a circle cutter. The face was created with black fondant. 2 wires were stuck into the ladybug's head to represent the antenna. Each has a ball of fondant on the end of it.

I also made gum paste roses, butterflies and smaller gum paste mini lady bugs to decorate the rest of the cake.

The top of the top tier was covered with grass piped in buttercream all around the ladybug. 3 pink roses were placed in the grass on both sides of the ladybug.

The base of the top tier and the top edge of the bottom tier have a pink shell border, piped with a star tip.

In four spots around the top of the bottom tier, I piped grass and placed tiny gum paste ladybugs.

Some of my family members like frosting that isn't so sweet, so I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, frosted with "bettercream" frosting to look like grass with the grass piping tip and then topped each with a mini gum paste lady bug and an "It's a Girl" flag.

Submitted by Nicole from Constantia, NY

Ladybug First Birthday Cake

ladybug first birthday cakeMy daughter's first birthday theme was ladybugs and custom cakes are too expensive to buy so I did it myself. This is the first cake I've ever attempted. I made this from scratch, using a yellow cake recipe.

I baked 2 sheet cakes. The bottom was iced with homemade buttercream icing. The top sheet cake was cut to form the number 1. (You can buy a cake pan in the shape of number 1). I iced it with red buttercream and made the dots from black buttercream. The ladybugs around the edges were made of fondant.

It is very difficult to tint buttercream a true red or a true black. These colors were store bought. If you need to make black buttercream icing, start with chocolate buttercream and it will be much easier to achieve black. Otherwise, you will end up adding so much food coloring to white buttercream that you will end up thinning the consistency of the buttercream, making it loose.

This cake went fast, I didn't even get a piece!!

Since my daughter's birthday is Memorial Day weekend, I used the scrap pieces cut from the #1 and arranged them into the shape of a flag and made it All-American!

Submitted by Kimberly McKnight from Philadelphia, PA

Pink and Green Ladybug Cake

pink and green ladybug cakeThis pink and green ladybug cake was made with a checkerboard cake pan. I sculpted it to a nice round shape and then covered it in pink fondant. The dots are made with biscuit cutters and the other accents were cut freehand with a knife. All accents are made out of fondant. The grass is coconut colored with green gel food coloring.

Ladybugs cakes have been and will be popular for years to come. It's a fun cake to make for a girl, especially if you're not sure what to make.

For birthday parties, if you don't want to do a large cake, you cake accompany the cake with matching ladybug cupcakes. Apply a small amount of frosting on the top of the cupcake, cut a round piece of fondant out to fit the top, add a small ball of fondant to create the head, a line down the back, and small dots on both sides of the line to create spots. The face would be decorated with fondant to match the cake. You can even use pipe cleaners cut in half to create the antenna.

Submitted by Justine from Long Island, NY

Sleeping Ladybug Baby Cake

sleeping ladybug baby cakeThis sleeping ladybug baby cake design is made with a regular sheet cake for the base. I used a half oval pan for the body and covered it with buttercream frosting and then a layer of fondant over the top.

I used a small metal bowl to bake the cake for the head. I placed a thin layer of fondant over an Anne Geddes babydoll face and let it dry. Then I placed it with frosting over the head part of the cake. Next I placed the black fondant over the whole head to make the mask. I made flowers out of fondant and sprinkled edible glitter dust on them to make them sparkle.

The sign in the back says "with butterfly kisses and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one like a bug in a rug." This cake was a big hit at my friends baby shower!

Submitted by Jennifer Hartman from Vancouver, Washington

Fondant Ladybug Cake

fondant ladybug cakeThis fondant ladybug cake was made as my special gift to my grand daughter Kalyn's 1st birthday. It was my first attempt at fondant. I made a typical marshmallow fondant recipe and found it fun & easier than I thought it would be! It taste great, I added almond flovoring. My ladybug was a hit at the birthday party!

Bake the body of the ladybug cake in a bowl. The head can be done in a smaller bowl. Cover the ladybug body in red fondant. Place a line of black fondant down the middle of the back. Add fondant circles in black fondant to the body and attach with a little bit of water. The antennas are plastic tubing.

Cover the smaller cake to make the face of the ladybug and roll and cut out fondant to make the facial features.

Submitted by Bridget from KCMO

Pink Lady Bug Cake

pink lady bug cakeI started this pink ladybug cake out with an 8X8 square pan and totally changed my design plan! I decided to do a lady bug instead. I used my 8" round pan as a guide and carved it out of the square cake. I frosted 2/3 of the cake in pastel pink buttercream and the other 1/2 in white buttercream. I piped shells in white to cover the "pieced" icing colors, to form the wings and trim out the edges. I used a large piping tip as a cutter for the eyes and the polka dots, and a smaller tip to cut the black portion of the eyes from fondant. I used silver pearl dust on the dots to give them a little sheen. The antennas were made from wire twirled around a wood spoon handle. I taped the end of the wire in floral tape to stab into the cake. I placed this on a large round board so I would have room for a few scattered flowers around the bug and a place to write Happy Mothers Day.
Submitted by Kelli Coats from Texas

Happy Ladybug Cake

happy ladybug cakeI baked the head and the body of this happy lady bug cake in separate Pyrex glass bowls. The larger bowl took approximately 45 minutes to bake (the body), the smaller bowl took approximatey 30 minutes to bake (the head). I froze the cakes after baking these overnight and then lightly frosted these with a white buttercream. I traced my pattern in the frosting that I wanted to use to match the party decorations. I then used a pastry bag and a small star tip and decorated the body with black, pink and green. My favorite part of this was that I got my frosting tinted at the local bakery and paid by the pound, it was a great consistency to do the decorating. I then attached the body to the head with two straws, cut at an angle. I frosted the head once it was attached. I did the"dimples" with a larger star and the other lines with a tip to make a straight line. I then stuck the cake back in the freezer until the party was ready. The antennea were made from pipe cleaners. I was concerned about freezing the cake, but it was fabulous and added such a stress free birthday party! This was the first cake I've ever made in my life, but did a lot of research on sites like this and then I practiced decorating first on a piece of paper.
Submitted by Melissa from Chandler, Arizona

If you've made any ladybug cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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