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Men's cakes seem to be more difficult to come up with for some reason. If the birthday guy isn't into sports, here are some other great cake options to entertain.

Cigar Box Cake

cigar box cakeTo make the cigar box cake, I made 3 sheet cakes and stacked them. I then cut a square out of the top part to make the rectangle for the cigars to sit in. I then covered the cake in yellow fondant.

I hand painted the brown on the outside of the box to look like wood. Do this by using color gels and water it down with an extract. Layer the you wood look.

The top is made out of gum paste. You must let that dry up for a day or two. The ash tray and cigars were hand molded out of modeling chocolate. The name is an edible image:)

Cake decorated by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Coffee and a Good Book Cake

coffee and books cakeThis was a Birthday cake I made for a gentleman who loves to read and loves Starbucks Coffee!! All cakes are totally edible and made from Vanilla Butter Cake and frosted with Buttercream frosting and then covered in fondant. The 'sticky' notes are made from fondant with a note written in edible ink. The Starbuck's Coffee cup is a 'prop' I covered the cup and lid with fondant, copied the label and 'glued' it to the cup using water. I like to present my cakes as an overall scene or tablescape. I believe it adds to the presentation for the client. I hope you enjoy it!
Decorated by Mary Jo Ter Meer from Chino Hills, CA

Taco Cake

taco cakeThis is a simple cake for one of my friends at work featuring a taco in the center of a chocolate cake. A little naughty to match him. We called it the tuna taco cake.

The cake itself is made with a standard yellow cake flavored with strawberry candy flavoring, torted (three layers) with strawberry cream cheese filling. It is iced with a triple chocolate butter cream icing. The taco shell is filled with gum paste calla lilies and gum paste lettuce. Both the cake and the design were a hit.

Decorated by Mark Mattke from Sparta, WI

Washed Up Plumber Cake

washed up plumber cakeThe washed up plumber cake was made for a friend who was a plumber. The bottom layer is a sheet cake, then a small square cake on top, hand cut for sink, then covered in fondant.

I hand molded the man out of gum paste and used luster dust for sink details. The water is piping gel...Thanks for looking...

Tip:Make your gum paste decorations in advance so they have time to dry. This will also make putting the cake together much faster and easier on the day you are serving it.

Created by Margie F. from Charles Town, WV

Playboy Cake

playboy cakeThis is a 2 tier playboy cake, made with a fruit cake layer on the bottom and sponge cake on the top layer.

Each layer is dusted with irridescent luster dust to create the shimmer. Around the base of each layer is a strip of black fondant. Over these black fondant strips, real ribbon with the "celebrate" inscription is affixed.

On top of the playboy cake is a black fondant circle surrounded by balls of pink fondant. In the center of the circle, a playboy bunny logo cut from pink fondant is centered.

The cake sits atop a silver cake board.

Cake decorated by Ame from England

Old Fart Cake

old fart cakeThis old fart cake is made with the ball pan set on a sheet cake and then cut to form legs and shoes. I then covered the cake in fondant.

Between the legs is a fondant plaque which was cut out, allowed to dry, and then I made an inscription with edible pens.

The heart design was also made by drawing with edible pens.

The flesh colored fondant was created by adding copper colored gel paste to white fondant. After that fondant was applied to the ball cakes, the legs cut from the sheet cake were cut to meet up with the ball cakes and iced. Then they were covered with a light blue colored fondant. The belt is a dark blue fondant and on top of the belt are thin strips of the light blue fondant to create the look of jean belt loops. The bottom of the jeans are a darker blue to resemble the folded bottom of heads. Finally, the darkest blue represents the back of the shoes.

Cake by Margie F. from Charles Town, WV

If you've decorated any mens' cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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