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Mermaid cakes are perfect for little girls. Many adore Little Mermaid, a Disney character that has been around for years.

Little Mermaid Cake

little mermaid cakeThis is a 3 layer white cake with blue buttercream frosting, decorated with piped (drawn) chocolate characters from the Little Mermaid, a molded happy birthday sign, sprinkles and crushed graham cracker sand.

I used melted Merckens chocolate to draw the characters to use as decorations for this cake.

An easy idea for making a Little Mermaid Cake.

Submitted by Lauren Stockly from Montrose, CA

Mermaid Lagoon Cake

mermaid lagoon cakeThis was my first attempt at an all fondant cake.
My best friend's daughter was having a mermaid party.

To make this three layer cake, I used two white cake mixes.
I used 10", 8" and 6" pans for the layers. I made two large batches of marshmallow fondant. Took a batch & colored one yellow and another flesh Tone. Took a few smaller batches colored them pink, green, and purple.

I made the mermaid first by sculpting her body and arms. With a sculpting tool, I put lines on her tail for the scales.

I painted her tail with sparkle powder purple and teal. Her top was colored with the same sparkle powder. I then made all the other creatures and seaweed for the cake. I made the shell on top and powdered the pearl with the pink sparkle powder.

The rest of the fondant was colored teal and blue. I mixed it together and left some of it unmixed completely to give a marble look to it. I covered the cake with a buttercream layer and then put the fondant on top, molding to each layer. Next, I added the sea life and mermaid. Her hair was added on last. I took a small paint brush and added her eyes and the octopus' eyes.

The girls loved it and didn't want to cut it, so I offered to take off the mermaid and I think she is still in the freezer today.

I was pleased everyone was excited about it and it tasted good, too.

Submitted by Jolene Hall from Fort Worth, TX

Mermaid Cake

mermaid cakeEverything is edible except the wire that the dolphins are on. The mermaid and the sea life all are hand molded out of fondant and gum paste.
Submitted by Margie F from Charles Town, WV

Mermaid Cupcake

mermaid cupcakeI made these mermaid cupcakes for my 3 year old granddaughter's birthday. About a week ahead of time, I made mermaid cookies. I used a mermaid cookie cutter and then removed a section from middle of mermaid's body giving me a torso and tail. I decorated the torso and tail with royal icing. I used a small shell tip for mermaid bra. I also piped extra shell pieces onto parchment and allowed to dry (saving to sprinkle on cupcakes). I also used luster dust for sparkle. I baked and iced the cupcakes and sprinkled with coarse sugar. I then placed the mermaid body and tail into the cupcake. The little girls went crazy for these, and since the party was at a park, the cupcakes made serving easy.
Submitted by Linda Lees

Little Mermaid and Flounder Cake

little mermaid and flounder cakeI baked six sheet cakes and stacked them 3 high iced with swiss buttercream in between. Then carved the layers into the cake form and iced the entire cake with buttercream.

The decoration of the cake was done with fondant with Sugar in the Raw used as sand. The faces were drawn in with cake markers.

Submitted by Jenni Friedman from West Hartford, CT

Mermaid Tiered Cake

mermaid tiered cakeIt is only one single layer for each tier. I used shimmer dust and the C shaped tip for the tail. I cannot remember the number for that offhand.
Submitted by Erin McLees from Wisconsin

If you've made any mermaid cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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