Mickey Mouse Cakes

Mickey Mouse cakes

Mickey Mouse cakes are still popular after all these years. Disney's very first character has endured more than 50 years.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

mickey mouse clubhouse cakeBase cake - 16x16 square chocolate cake w/ buttercream frosting.
The cake for the main clubhouse was made with a dollcake pan also w/ buttercream frosting. the top part of the clubhouse is a styrofoam ball covered with brown colored rolled fondant with chocolate lollipop ears (homemade). I inserted a wooden dowel into the ball and then inserted the other end of the dowel into the base cake.
Clubhouse foot - Baked an oval confetti cake and cut it out to foot shape. This also is frosted with buttercream frosting. The brown piece that attaches the foot to the main clubhouse is a rolled fondant covered column. I stood the foot up by first re-enforcing the cake with criss-crossed dowels inserted inside of the cake. I then stood the foot up and pushed a dowel through the top of the foot and all the way through the base cake.
The door mat at the foot and the slide (attached to main house as-well-as the windows are all made from colored gum paste.
The hand is just a styrofoam disc with fingers made from rolled fondant. The base is another fondant covered column. The hand is attached to the base with a dowel that is inserted through the hand, through the column, and into the base cake.
Additional flowers, trees, trimwork etc. are made with frosting using decorating bags and various wilton tips.
The mickey mouse clubhouse characters are just figurines.
Cake decorated by Ann Asselin from Derry, NH

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse birthday cakeThis is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Mickey is made of fondant as well as the presents, balloons, and bordering Mickey Mouse Hats. I used a grass tip to give the top of the cake a brown shag carpet look. This was the main cake but I made a mini replica cake as a smash cake for the handsome 1 year old. Mason loved every part of his cake.
Cake decorated by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, Maryland

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake

mickey mouse clubhouse birthday cakeMade with a double layer cake in a rectangle pan and buttercream icing. I drew the whole thing on paper and then cut the paper into stencils and traced it on the cake
Cake decorated by Amanda from Clanton, AL

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