Monster Truck Cakes

monster truck cakes

Boys and men are big fans of monster truck cakes, especially if they ride in one or own one. Here are some ideas for your adventure seeking guys.

Grave Digger

grave digger cakeThe Grave digger monster truck cake is five layers of sheet cake carved down to his shape. Then he was placed on top of two sheets cake covered with chocolate frosting and oreos. Grave digger is covered with black frosting.( black food coloring mixed with chocolate frosting. and the side and front of grave digger has fondant.
Cake decorated by Monique Cusatti from Jacksonville, Florida

Gravedigger 3D Monster Truck Cake

grave digger 3d monster truck cakeI bought the Wilton 3-D Cruiser Pan , and actually bought the icing at my nearest Bakery to save time! I went by the picture to decorate it, and used 4 french crullers dipped in chocolate for the wheels. I also used dark brown sugar for the dirt, and bought two dollar store trucks for the 'crushing'!
Cake decorated by Stacie from Lancaster, PA

4 Wheeling Adventure Cake

4 wheeling adventure cakeI made the bottom cake chocolate. The upper, carved piece is a white cake. I find it is a more stable cake if using white cake for the carved piece - less top heavy. I layered the bottom cake and iced it with buttercream icing. I then took the second cake,which is a size smaller than the bottom cake, carved a half moon shape and placed it on the iced bottom cake approximately 1/4 inch from the bottom cake's outer edge. This, after being iced, will give the slightly tapered look. To create the center of the crescent moon piece, carve another slice of cake for the center rock ramp. Cut the left edge of the crescent in a ski slope manner. Pipe in icing generously in any seams or empty spaces. The bottom was airbrushed green in up and down motions as to blend in with the upper half of cake. Upper half of cake was airbrushed brown. Everything on the cake - rocks, bushes, trees, dog and small flowers - were made out of fondant, then airbrushed. The river was made with piping gel and color of your choice. Make the cakes the day before decorating. The decorating of the cake took about four hours. The trees, bushes, dogs, rocks,and rock ramp were made a couple of days in advance to assure that they had hardened sufficiently. My grandson turned 5 and had a party at Pizza Hut, Saturday. The cake was a huge surprise for my Grandson. His eyes were reward enough for me.
Cake decorated by Mary Neiderlander from Middletown, NJ

If you've made any monster truck cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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