Mothers Day Cakes

mother's day cakes

Here are some mother's day cakes ideas for the special mom in your family.

Mother's Day Cake

mother's day cakeI made a 3 layer buttermilk cake with buttercream frosting. Using a decorating triangle I created horizontal lines on the side of the cake. I added edible flowers to the outside of the cake for a pretty and feminine look for Mother's Day.
Cake decorated by Kristina Lofstrom from Fairfax, VA

Chocolate Mother's Day Cake

chocolate mother's day cakeTo make this chocolate mother's day cake, I used a box yellow cake mix in a 1/2 sheet pan used twice. I measured and cut both pieces the same size to give me two sets of matching size cake. I used a bought chocolate frosting. and did the pipping with a cream cheese frosting that I colored with coloring food gel. This was my first real big cake. Got lots of compliments from my family and friends. Even though one side did fall a little.
Cake decorated by Amy Taylor from White Oak, GA

Mother's Day Floral Cake

mother's day floral cakeI had a lot of fun trying something new for my mom for Mother's Day. I had never used rolled fondant before and thought I'd give that a try and tried making a few roses too. They turned out rather well I thought for my first attempt at fondant. The main thing was that my mom loved it!

The roses are yellow and surrounded by green leaves. The ribbon on the bottom was made by rolling out fondant and cutting along the edge with the ribbon cutter with the wavy edge. Just attach it to the cake with a bit of water.

Cake decorated by Lacey from Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Cameo Nostalgia Cake

cameo nostalgia cakeThis cameo cake was made for our grandma who always wears her cameo on Sunday...

The following is what is needed to make cake;

1 box of cake mix peach flavor

Fondant with peach dye

1.) A piece of fondant will need to be marbelized for the cameo, the cameo was created by using a mold found in a craft store.

2.) The other piece for the lace should be a solid peach. The lace was created using a fondant mold as well.

The pearls used to enhance the lace are all edible.

Tip: A really nice finish to the cake can be achieved by either dusting the entire cake in luster dust for a pearlized finish or by spraying the cake with pearl luster.

Cake decorated by Maria Roca from Wichita, Kansas

If you've decorated any Mother's Day cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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