Motorcycle Cakes

Motorcycle Cakes

Motorcycle cakes are great birthday desserts both for the casual and avid biker. Here are a few ideas you can try on your own.

Motocross Helmet Cake

motocross helmet cake

I made this cake with 4 - 8" rounds. But a week before putting the cake together, I created the visor out of gum paste. I used a bicycle helmet and created a cardboard visor for a template, to get the correct size and position. I first created a base of solid white, and then applied the pink stripes. I let this dry for 4 days. Putting the cake together: I stacked the 4 cakes so that the top and the bottom cakes were off center by 2 inches. The middle two layers stuck out 2 inches on one side, and on the other side created a hollow. This hollow created a natural shape for the face area of the helmet, and the piece sticking out in the back helped to create the 'V' shapes on the back of the helmet. I carved out the cakes to match a specific Shoei helmet I found online. When this was done, I crumb coated it with butter cream. Then I put on the white fondant. I created the pink details with pink fondant, cutting it out free hand, using a picture of a helmet as a guide. Then I attached the dried gum paste visor using royal icing. I had to hold this for a few minutes until it set. Once all the helmet was together I drew on some more graphic lines with Food Writer markers. This gave it the final detail it needed. Also, I created the logo using dried pre-cut pieces of gum paste, that I then drew the logo on with Food Writer markers. This is just an extra part of the design, and is not needed to create the helmet cake.

Decorated by Gail from Halifax, Nova Scotia


Motorcycle Cruising Cake

motorcycle cruising cakeThe cake is a chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing. I printed a picture of the cartoon of the guy on a motorcycle and put wax paper over the picture, outlined it black royal icing and then just filled it in with more colored royal icing. Then added the flames with yellow and orange butter cream. The picture did crack in a couple places when I peeled it off the wax paper so I probably should have used color flow, but I already had several colors of royal icing made that I needed to use.
Cake decorated by Carol Ann from Gatesville, TX

If you've decorated any motorcycle cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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