Patriotic Cakes

collection of patriotic cakes

These patriotic cakes were made for the men and women who proudly served their countries. They feature flags and elements of their military uniforms.

Flag Cake

flag cakeThis flag cake is marble. I made a half sheet and a small square one. I cut the small one in half corner to corner. Then I placed it in the upper left corner so the blue part and the stars will be set up higher. I then frosted the whole cake with butter cream and placed the stars on top which is made of fondant. Then I rolled out a large square of white fondant and cut out red stripe fondant and placed them on the white fondant and then placed them on the cake to look like it was draped over it. The ribbon is also made out of fondant. The cake was made with pride for our country.

Cake decorated by Cindy Garney from Schenectady, New York

Civil War Cake

civil war cakeThis cake was made by my fiancé for a reenactor friend turning 60. Altogether, she used 7 yellow cake mixes. Three for the base and four for the kepi and canteen. She used colored fondant all over. Everything including the Virginia belt buckle and infantry buttons on the sides are edible. We used Skulpy clay to form the molds for the buckle and buttons and pressed colored fondant into them.

The kepi is yellow cake with grey fondant for the hat, black fondant for the strap and hat bill and the buttons are black fondant with edible gold dust.

The canteen is yellow cake with brown fondant for the wood, individual pieces cut out of different colored fondant. The strap is pressed white fondant. The buckles and buttons are painted with edible gold dust.

Cake decorated by Joseph Pelot from New Market, MD

Navy Cake

navy cakeNavy cake design made with fondant and buttercream.
Cake decorated by Lisa Rosales from Corona, CA

Army Assault Course Cake

army assault course cakeI'm still fairly new to cake decorating, and this is my sixth 'assault' on the old fondant icing!! It is also the first cake that I have been paid for...£15! Is it sad to get excited over this?!? Anyway...first of all I marbled together some ivory coloured icing, some dark brown and some olive green and covered the cake board with this. I used a square cake and cut off one of the sides and glue it to another so that it was slightly more rectangle. I cut out the 3 little ditches. I then covered it in olive coloured this is where I went wrong and why it's not perfect; the icing kept tearing when I covered the edges 3 times. I think it's because the edges were too sharp, and the icing too thick? Also possibly because I'd then overworked the icing...ideas anyone?? Then I simply just did the figures out of fondant icing. There is also a bit of net in the front ditch (I'm also a sewer and luckily had this!), and the bits of wooden gravel are actually chocolate shavings!! Thank you for taking the time to look..any tips would be most helpful (",)
Cake decorated by Sarah Presto from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

Arsenal Shield Cake

arsenal shield cakeArsenal shield cake, arsenal logo/badge. I hand painted on the top with edible color paste.


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