Pirate Cakes

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Here are 3 different pirate cakes for the pirate in your family to enjoy.

Pirate Cake

pirate cakeI made this cake for my granddaughter's 4th birthday. She loved it!
I used 1/2 sheet cake-marble for the ocean and the sand. Iced the ocean blue and the sand brown buttercream and I combined graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar for the sand. I used small pirate figures for the ship and the island. The treasures were made of candy coins, rock candy(diamonds), candy necklaces. I had candy chocolate pebbles and candy bones in the sand. I used a pirate ship cake mold(found online) Chocolate cake iced with chocolate buttercream.I iced it after I placed it on the sheet cake. I used 2 popsicle sticks for the plank. You could used a tongue blade. I found disney pirate characters to put on the ship.
Cake decorated by Dawn Testin from Muskego

Pirate Birthday Cake

pirate birthday cakeThis young pirate was created by placing a cake baked in the shape of a pirate on top of a sheet cake. The entire cake was done in piped stars. The money is chocolate money found in the candy aisle.

Skull Pirate Cake with Cupcakes

skull pirate cake with cupcakesThe cake: we started with a rich and moist chocolate cake topped with a butter cream frosting, smothered with marshmallow fondant colored black with green fairy dust for effect. The cupcakes had a buttercream frosting - 6 white, 6 black, and 6 cream. We used red, white, and black fondant to create pirate inspired designs.

The frogs were just a side project for my son to do...because they were so cute!

This was the first time we ever used or made fondant. It was quite a fun project that we plan on repeating. The cake, icing, and fondant were all made from scratch. There were moments when I didn't think we'd get black fondant or icing...but we had success! Overall, we were very happy with the outcome. Hope you are too!

Cake decorated by Candi Huber from Wells, Maine

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