Pirate Ship Cakes

collection of pirate ship cakes

Here are three different pirate ship cakes for the birthday boy in your family.

Pirate Ship Cake

pirate ship cakeThis is a 4 layer cake. Each layer is a marbled cake. There is a cardboard sheet between the second and third layers for support. The cake is 8" wide and 8" tall at its highest point. 40" in length from tip to tip. the tallest mast is 23" high. The sails are made from paper so I could get the design I wanted.

I made the cannons and windows out of fondant. The waves are piped buttercream. The "wood" effect is piped buttercream, then I used a paint roller to smooth it instead of spreading it. I find a paint roller works well for creating a texture in crusted buttercream. I have used it several times to create a "leather look" on the purses I have made.

Decorated by Chris Hoxley from Huntly, TN

Lewis' Pirate Ship Cake

Lewis' pirate ship cakeI used two rectangular plain sponge cakes, and built up the structures on the bow and stern (and the treasure chest) with lamingtons - a good old Australian sponge cake coated in chocolate icing and coconut.

I used buttercream piped on as long planks - very easy.

I made the masts from plastic chopsticks, and cut out simple paper shapes for the sails. These were taped to the chopsticks. Each sail was double-sided, which was a little fiddly but not difficult.

Other ingredients include:

Kit Kat - for the 'walk the plank' extension
Rolo - for the cannons
M & Ms - for portholes
liquorice straps cut on angles - for the shark fins
a plastic toy pirate figure
Cachous - silver and gold for the treasure chest
Ready-made lettering for the name and greeting
Candles - watch their proximity to the paper sails though!

Decorated by Ally Chumley from Australia

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

Pirate Ship Birthday CakeThe cannons are tootsie rolls and cannon balls are whoppers. The railing is licorice and the sails I created on the computer. Little Lego men were used as the crew. The figurehead (mermaid) was made from gum paste. The cake is just a simple yellow cake stacked to create the shape of the ship. I did need to use skewers to hold it together since it is a rounded shape.

If you've decorated any pirate ship cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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