Poker Cakes

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Here are a few poker cakes you can try for anyone who appreciates the game.

Poker Night Cake

poker night cakeThis poker night cake was was my second or third fondant cake, and I had so much fun making this one. This was a birthday cake I made for a friend of mine as a surprise. It is a white coconut cake with coconut Swiss meringue buttercream filling, and covered in fondant. The poker chips are gumpaste, the cards are 50% gum paste & 50% fondant, the Coors light bottle and cups are gum paste on a green fondant background. The spilled beer is color flow. The playing cards are all hand drawn with edible markers.
Cake decorated by Sally Warner from North Bay, California

Blackjack Cake and Poker Cake

blackjack cake and poker cakeThis cake was easy to make! All of the details are in the fondant. The tricky part about the cake was overlapping the layers to support the top card and make it appear to fan out. The detail is all in the fondant. Warning black food coloring is messy!
Don't get it on your white bischon frisse!
Cake decorated by Jamie Crum from Fair Oaks, CA

Poker Cake

poker cakeI took two 10 inch cake pans, used chocolate cake and buttercream frosting. After fully covering the cake, I made green fondant (to represent the card table) and covered it fully. I then took real cards to make a pattern for the cards and sized up the dice with real dice although they still came out a bit to big. I made the chips the same way. And BAM! I had a great Friday night poker cake!

Decorated by Tara from Clarksville, TN

If you've decorated any poker cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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