Pool Table Cakes

collection of pool table cakes

Pool table cakes are easy enough to construct using a sheet cake. Here are four different ideas you can try, decorated by visitors to this site.

8 Ball Pool Table Cake

8 ball pool table cakeI baked a marble 1/2 sheet cake iced it with butter cream icing then put fondant on it. This cake was made for our American Legion Post 201 pool team whom last year took 1st place. My fondant balls should of been a little bigger but it was my first time working with fondant I called this my practice cake.
Submitted by Cynthia from Sunbury, PA

Billiard Table Nine Ball Cake

billiard table nine ball cakeI wanted to do something special for my hubby who is quite the pool player! It's the first time I have ever tried to work with fondant.

The cake mixes were store bought. One layer chocolate and the other vanilla. The two layers were fixed together with vanilla icing. I then covered the cake with a green sheet of fondant. I used several colors of fondant mixed together to get a brown for my table sides. The balls and the cue sticks are made from gum paste and painted with food coloring. The base of the cake is regular icing with the border piped on.

Decorated by Kayla Hogue from Tulsa, OK

Pool Table Cake

pool table cakeI made two 11x14 cakes stacked them iced them with buttercream icing. I then tinted some icing brown to make the wood on the pool table. I used green chocolate fondant for the carpet part of the table. I tinted a little icing black for holes in pool table. I made pool balls and sticks with fondant a few days before and painted them with food coloring. This was a very cute cake my nephew loved it he did not want us to cut it. 
Submitted by by Heidi Lloyd
(Folkston Georgia

Buttercream Pool Table Cake

buttercream pool table cakeTwo layers of chocolate cake.

White icing

Divide white icing into three portions.

One portion will stay white. Some of this is used to attach the layers and holding the cups in place.

One portion will become green, using green food coloring. (Used for the "felt")

One portion will have chocolate added to make it brown for the "wood" trim.

Six chocolate liquor cups attached for the table cups. A certain portion of the cake will need to be scooped out to allow for the attachment of the cups. The gold foil of the liquor cups is left on for contrast and color.

Colored gum balls for the various balls. Paper is used to make the stripes on some of the balls, and cut-out numbers for the ball numbers.

Chocolate licorice for the triangle.

Lollipop sticks, dipped in chocolate for the pool cues.

Marshmallow for the cue ball and the aiming markings around the table.

Prune for the eight ball.

Decorated by Carol Kroll from Baltimore, MD

If you've made any pool table cakes, please submit them to our gallery.

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